• Readers Workshop

    Building a Reading Life

    Grasping Main Ideas and Text Structures

    Mystery: Foundational Skills in Disguise

    Character Studies

    Research Clubs


    Writers Workshop Writing

    Crafting True Stories

    The Art of Informational Writing

    Changing the World: Persuasive Speeches, Petitions, and Editorials

    One Upon a Time: Adapting Fairy Tales

    Writing About Research


    Math Math

    Unit 1: Addition and Subtraction within 1,000

    Unit 2: Represent and Interpret Data

    Unit 3: Understand Multiplication

    Unit 4: Multiplication Facts and Strategies

    Unit 5: Use Multiplication Facts

    Unit 6: Understand Division

    Unit 7: Division Facts and Strategies

    Unit 8: Understanding Fractions

    Unit 9: Compare Fractions

    Unit 10: Time, Length, Liquid Volume, and Mass

    Unit 11: Perimeter and Area

    Unit 12: Two-Dimensional Shapes


    Science Science

    Motion and Matter (Physical)

    Water and Climate (Earth)

    Tadpoles to Frogs (Life)


    Social Studies (Putnam) Social Studies





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