• Readers Workshop

    Interpretation Book Clubs

    Tackling Complexity: Moving Up Levels of Nonfiction

    Author Study - Read Like a Fan

    Argument and Advocacy: Researching Debatable Issues

    Fantasy Book Clubs



    Writers Workshop Writing

    Personal Narratives

    Lens of History

    Literary Essay


    Graphic Novels of Journalism


    Math Math

    Unit 1:  Place Value, Multiplication & Expressions

    Unit 2:  Divide Whole Numbers

    Unit 3:  Add & Subtract Decimals

    Unit 4:  Multiply Decimals

    Unit 5:  Divide Decimals

    Unit 6:  Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators

    Unit 7:  Multiply Fractions

    Unit 8:  Divide Fractions

    Unit 9:  Algebra: Patterns and Graphing

    Unit 10: Convert Units of Measure

    Unit 11: Geometry and Volume


    Science Science

    Mixtures and Solutions (Physical)

    Earth and Sun (Earth)

    Larva to Mealworms (Life)


    Social Studies (Putnam) Social Studies

    Geography: Western Hemisphere

    Economics: Needs and Wants

    Government: What is Government Anyway?

    History: Turning Points in the Western Hemisphere

    Cultural Diversity: Hands across the Hemisphere