Reconstruction Vocabulary 
    1. Reconstruction
    2. Radical
    3. Moderate
    4. Black Codes
    5. Impeach
    6. Scalawags
    7. Carpetbaggers
    8. Sharecropping
    9. Freedman's Bureau 
    10. Wade Davis Bill
    11. Poll Tax
    12. Literacy Tests
    13. Grandfather Clause
    14. 13th Amendment
    15. 14th Amendment
    16. 15th Amendment 
    Due September 18  Watch the video and answer the questions below. 


    1. How did President johnson want to bring the Southern states back into the Union? How did he deal with former Confederates?

    2. How does Johnson deal with the "Planter Aristocracy?"

    3. How did Johnson feel about African Americans in the south? 

    4. How did Thadeus Stevens fell about Johnson's treatment of Freedmen? 

    5. Who were the Radicals? List one thing they wanted. 


    Due 9/24 Watch the video and answer the questions below.

     1. What did the Dred Scott decision say? 

     2. How did the 14th Amendmant change that decision? 

     3. What are these 3 Amendments refered to as? What do they address? 

     4. When was the 13 Amendment passed? 

    Due 10/8/19 Watch the video below and answer the questions.   
    1. Which 3 states had disputed election results in 1876?
    2. How did the government deal with this issue?
    3. What were the main features of the Compromise of 1877? Be sure to list them all. 
    4. Why was this called the great betrayal?  






    Due 10/22

    Business and Industry Vocabulary Define all words. 

    Due 10/29

    1. What did the name "Robber Baron" mean?

    2. What was Carnegie's industry? How much was he worth? 

    3. Why did the Homestead Stike happen? 

    4 What was Rockefeller's Industry? How much was he worth? 

    5. What were 2 things all the Robber Barons had in common? 


    DUE 12/4

    Progressive Era Vocab  Define each word. Vocab Quiz on Thursday. 


    Due 1/8 Imperialism Vocab Vocab quiz Thursday, Jan 9th!

    Due 3/5 America Between The Wars Vocab Define each word. Do not define the crossed out words. 






















    Due 10/23 Watch the video and answer the questions below.

    1. What 2 things was Henry Ford famous for?

    2. Why did Ford move to detroit? What motivated him to move?

    3. Describe the Quadracycle. 

    4. How did for get the money to start his company?

    5. How many Model Ts were sold by the 1920s?


    Due 10/30 

    The Growth Of Unions Read and highlight the article and answer the questions. 

    Due 11/7 Progressive Era Vocabulary Define all the words on a sepearte sheet of paper.

    Due 11/14 The Muckrakers Only do the article and the questions on the Muckrakers. 

    Due 11/19 TR  The Progressive Era

    Due 11/28 Carry Nation Read and highlight the article and answer the questions below. 

    1. What were the reasons behind Carry's hatred of alcohol?

    2. What were some of the things Carry did to make the world around her a better place? 

    3. How did Carry react to saloonkeepers violating Kansas' Prohibition law? 

    4. What were some of the weapons carry used to destroy bars? Why wasn't she arrested at first? 

    Due 12/7 Imperialism Vocab On a separate sheet of paper define the words.

    Due 12/13 America Claims an Empire Read and highlight the article answer the guided reading questions.

    Due 12/18 Watch the video and answer the questions below it. 



    1. What 2 countries did TR bring peace to? What were they fighting about? 

    2. Who attempted to build the canal first? Why did they fail? 

    3. Why did TR feel the canal was so important? How did he help Panama gain her independence? 

    4. What were the obstacles to building the canal? How many people dies building it? 

    Due 1/10  Watch the short video and answer the questions below it. 


    1. What was the puropse of trenches during WW 1? 

    2. What were some of the miserable conditions in the trenches?

    3. What was "no-man's" land? 

    4. What did the soldiers eat in the trenches? 

     Due 1/22 Watch the video and answer the questions below. 


    1. What slogan did Wilson win the 1916 election on? 

    2. What changed in the German strategy for the war in 1917? 

    3. How did Germany think they could slow us down? 

    4. What did Zimmermann offer the Mexicans? Who intercepted the telegram? 

    5. How did Mexico react to the telegram? What was the real effect of the telegram?

    Due 1/25 America Enters The War. Read, highlight the text and answer the questions below. 

     1. How did most Americans feel about the war when it began in Europe?

    2. Why did public opinion in the US begin to change? Be specific?

    3. How did the German blockkade of England impact the US? What did many government people begin to beleive? 

    4. What event ultimatly led to America joining the war? What was the 1 good reason Wilson gave for going to war?

    Due 1/29 Watch BOTH videos and answer the questions below. 




    1. Who were the big 3?

    2. What did they disagree about? What was Wilson's view on Germany? 

    3. Why was Wilson willing to easy on Germany? What was his main goal? 

    4. What was Clemencue's viwe on Germany? 

    5 How did Lloyed George see things? 

    6. What were some of the military terms given to Germany? How much did Germany have to pay? 

    7. what was the longtern result of this treaty? 

    Due 2/7 1920's Vocabulary Define all the words. 

    Due 2/26 Watch the video and answer the question below. 


    Task: In 3-5 sentences expalin the facts behind the Scopes Monkey Trial. Be sure to be detailed as possible. 

     Due 3/6 


    Task: In 3-5 sentences, define the Harlem Renaissance. What were the major art forms that flourished in Harlem at this time? 



    Task: Describe the goal of FDR's New Deal. 

    What were the 3 R's? How was FDR going to achieve this goal? 

    Due 3/21 


    In 3-5 sentences expalin why FDR attempetd to pack the court? How did people feel about this attempt? 

    Due 4/9 WW II Vocabulary Define all the words. Vocab Quiz Thursday.

    Due 4/30 


    **Describe in detail how the war chnged life in America. Be sure to include specific changes for women and Japanese Americans. 


    Task: Explain the purpose of D-Day and why is was sucessful. 

    5/4 Watch the video and complete the task below


    Task: Describe in detail the circumstances surrounding the Missile Crisis and how nuclear war was avoided.