• Architectural CAD


    The Architectural “CAD” or Computer Aided Drafting class utilizes a dedicated software program.  The beginning portion of the curriculum will introduce the student to the software menu options and functions as the basics of architecture are explored.  The drawing of actual projects will start with simple single floor plans and expand to include: foundation plans, stair locations, second floor plans, roof and landscape plans.  The software includes the ability to record a walk-through of the house in a three-dimensional mode.  Elevations or exterior wall views will be developed of the two-story house plan. 


    Students will have a chance to apply their skills and knowledge to the independent design of a single-story house.  The plans for the twostory house are printed in class to scale on a large format printer.  This course is not just for students considering the field of architecture; it is for any student thinking about civil engineering, structural engineering, construction technology, landscape architecture, interior design, real estate, surveying, or anyone who needs to be familiar with architecture drawing. 

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