• As stated by the New York Education Department, Algebra 2 is intended to be the third mathematics course in the high school. It is expected that students will identify and justify mathematical relationships, formally and informally.

    Students will learn the following mathematical concepts:

    • fractional and negative exponentiation
    • operations with radical and imaginary expressions including rationalizing denominators with radical or imaginary expressions
    • apply sigma notation
    • solve absolute value equations and inequalities
    • solve quadratic inequalities
    • evaluate logarithmic expressions
    • work with arithmetic and geometric sequences
    • explore functions and relations, determine if a function is invertible and determine the inverse function
    • perform transformations of functions in the plane
    • explore the concepts of domain and range
    • become proficient with exponential and logarithmic functions and expressions


    Algebra 2 Advanced delves into the topics above at a higher level.

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