• snc 6  

    Welcome to the Science 6 page for Seaford Middle School.  The focus of the science instruction in 6th grade is on the Earth and Human Body Systems.  Topics covered during the course of the year include:


    • Scientific Method:  The scientific method is a process for experimentation that is used to explore observations and answer questions.


    • Astronomy: Students will study the solar system, our place in the galaxy, concepts of rotation -vs- revolution, reasons for the seasons, formation of tides and phases of the moon.


    • Rocks/Minerals: Students will study how different types of rocks are formed and how they can be broken down and reformed into a new rock. 


    • Earth's Surface: The study of plate tectonics will explain mountain building and ocean forming processes.  Students will discover the driving force behind these changes.


    • Classifying Living Things: Students will distinguish between living and non-living things and learn how living organisms are classified.


    • Cells: The basic structure of the cell is explored during this topic.


    • Structure of Matter:  Students will work with materials in different states (solid, liquids and gases) to determine the basic characteristics of each state.


    • Light and Waves: Students will explore the properties of waves, including sound and light, and how waves interact with matter.