• Fingering Practice


    I am still working on finding a good Woodwind Trainer!


    Brass Fingering Trainer

    Above is a link the Brass Fingering Trainer it will only work on a desktop computer that has arrow keys on its keyboard!

    1) One the right hand column, choose "Set Instrument" to your instrument.

    2) Now Select Range.  Choose Beginning and unclick on sharps and flats at the bottom

    3) Trumpets, Horns, Baritones, Tubas:  Now you will use the left down and right buttoms, choose the right fingering, hold them down and click the spacebar to "record" your answer.  Trombones: Use numbers 1-7 to record the correct position.

    4) If you would like to print it out, click on the 3 vertical bars at the top right corner by "New Note"