• Office 365 for Seaford

    Office 365 scenario-based training provides inspirational tutorials to show you how you can transform the way you work. It will show you how to save your files to the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere, on almost any device. It will also demonstrate how you can use Office 365 to work together as a team to share files and co-edit documents stored in the cloud.


    Our Office 365 login accounts are as follows:

    Username:   [username]@seaford.k12.ny.us

    Password: [Your password]

     Office 365 Login


        Since the Seaford School District has enrolled in Office 365 program, every faculty member and student is allowed to install the latest version of Microsoft Office on to their home computer for up to 5 computers. You can get the software through the Office 365 portal. You also have access to all of the ipad apps as well (downloadable from the app store) that will link to your 365 account. It also includes 1TB of cloud storage space through the application OneDrive for Business.

       Is Office 365 just cloud?
    No. In the simplest terms, you can either save locally to your machine and have it back up to the cloud in case something happens to the computer or you can save directly to the cloud and have it push down to your computer. Basically it is your own version of creating backups of your data and making it accessible anywhere in the world.
    To learn how to save directly to the cloud please visit the application on the left (Word, Excel, OneNote, etc.) for more information.
    To learn how to save to the computer and have it automatically backup to the cloud please click on OneDrive.**
    **This is probably the easier method of the two.