• The Reports tab allows parents to generate reports of information such as missing assignments, a student's schedule, and any transcripts or report cards that are available.

    These reports generate in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat Reader.



    • The Missing Assignments report lists any assignment that is marked as Missing in the teacher's grade book.
      • When a student in an active course section as of the current date, the report prints all missing assignments from that section. This includes sections that span multiple terms.
      • When a student drops a section and the drop date is prior to the current date, the report does not print those assignments.
      • If the course section or school year ends, the student or parent/guardian is not able to see missing assignments for that section within the report being generated after the end date.
    • The Schedule report prints the student's current class schedule.
    • The Report Card prints the student's posted course grades.