• The Behavior tab displays behavior incidents associated with the student. This includes incidents where the student was an offender in the event, a witness in the event or a participant in the event.

    If a school has decided to not display behavior events, this tab does not appear in the list of available options on the left hand side. If the school has decided to display behavior items but a student does not have any behavior events, or a certain behavior incident has not been marked to display on the Portal, this screen indicates the student does not have any behavior events.


    This tab lists the following information:

    • The Date and Time an event occurred,
    • What the Event was.
    • The Role the student had in the event.
    • The number of Demerits or Points received as a result of the incident.
    • Whether a Behavior Response was included as part of the incident (behavior responses are techniques and school decisions to de-escalate the student).
    • The length of the behavior response in minutes.
    • The resolution of the event.
    • The Date and Time that Resolution will take place.