• The Student Grades tab displays recent assignments that have been graded, a list of term grades by course, and the student's current Term GPA. Parents and students are able to see all grading tasks and grades and can easily view all assignments for a particular course.

    Parents and students can email or call the teacher for more information on the student (as long as the school has recorded that information).


    Navigating the Student Grades Tab


    Recently Graded Assignment


    At the top of the Grades tab, a list of Recently Graded Assignments displays. This section works like a news feed, where assignments scored and saved by the teacher in the Assignments tool are instantly viewable in the Portal, noting when the score was last updated (1 second ago, 5 minutes, ago, etc.). These assignments display for 14 days and appear in Posted Date order, which is the date the teacher added the grade in his/her Grade Book. The name of the course, name of the assignment and the score the student received, total points possible and percent is also listed.

    Assignments display in the Recently Graded Assignments list as follows:

    • Assignments display in the recent assignment list for 14 days once the students score has been entered or modified.
    • Assignment flags display to the right of the assignment name.
    • Assignments marked as Missing or Cheated will display even when a score has not been entered.
    • Dropped and Exempt assignments will not display in the recent assignments list.
    • If an assignment is marked as Turned In, Incomplete or Late, it only displays in the recent assignments list when a score has been entered.
    • Unscored activities do not display in the recent assignments list.
    • If a teacher modifies an existing score it will display in the recent assignments list for 14 days.

    Additional information about the assignment is found when clicking on the name of the assignment. 


    Grades by Course


    A summary of course grades can be viewed for each term schedule in the calendar. The course section grades include Final Grades (if available) and In-Progress Grades (grade the student currently has) for each grading task and standard. If a student has dropped a course, posted grades still appear in this tab, but In Progress scores do not.

    These courses can be collapsed to display only the available links for each section.

    The student's Grade Point Average displays at the bottom of this view for each term in the school year.


    Click the Name of the Course to view details of that course. This same view is displayed when selecting the Grade Book icon from the schedule tab.

    Select the Teacher's Name to display contact information (phone number and email) in a pop-up window. The Primary Teacher of the course will display first, followed by any other teacher assigned to the course.