• The Calendar tab, when accessed from the Family section displays calender events for each school in which a student is enrolled. The calendar defaults to the current month but users are able to view previous months and future months by clicking the black arrow buttons on either side of the month and year.


    All student assignments and attendance events (such as absences and tardies) also appear on the Family Calendar. The name of the student to whom the event or assignment relates will appear over the assignment or attendance icon, which is also a link to additional content.

    Note the following information:

    • Events are only displayed for the calendar structures in which a student in the family is actively enrolled.
    • If the enrollment ended before the current day, the event for that day does not display.
    • Day events for future enrollments in the current school year do display on the calendar.


    Attendance Events

    Clicking on an Attendance Event will produce an additional screen over the Calendar which provides the details of the attendance event, including what class periods the event affected and the status of the event.