• The Messages tab is selected by default. Its contents are divided into three sections: District Notices, School Notices and the Inbox. If a section contains no information it will be closed by default. 


    A count of all messages is noted next to the message type. An indication of new messages since the last visit will appear in the left hand navigation pane. The new message is also noted by a NEW flag and the message toggle field lists the number of new messages in that section.

    To view a new message in the Inbox, click the Subject of the message.


    Messages Display

    Notices are sorted by start date and display until the expiration date is reached.

    The Inbox displays student related messages ordered from newest to oldest. The type of messages depend on the schools' use of Campus Messenger. Possible messages include missing assignment notices, failing grade notices, attendance notices, behavior notices, surveys and general information notices.

    Users can view notices at anytime by selecting the Messages tab or by clicking the Home button in the top right of the Portal.

    Deleting Messages

    To delete messages, mark the checkbox next to the message(s) and click Delete Messages.