• Seaford Union Free School District

    Acceptable Use Policy



    Access to the Seaford School District Network is a privilege offered each academic year to all students and educators.


    Code of Conduct


    The Seaford School School District Network user is held responsible for his/her actions and activity within his/her user account. Unacceptable uses of the network will result in the suspension or revoking of these privileges.

    1. Using the network for any unauthorized access including but not limited to hacking and/or illegal activity and violation of copyright or other contracts.

    2. Using the network for financial or commercial gain.

    3. Degrading or disrupting equipment or system performance.

    4. Vandalizing the data of another user.

    5. Wastefully using finite resources.

    6. Gaining unauthorized access to resources or entities.

    7. Invading the privacy of individuals.

    8. Using an account owned by another user.

    9. Posting personal communications without the author's consent

    10. Posting anonymous messages.

    11. Using the Network to access material which is obscene, pornographic and/or harmful to minors.

    12. Transmitting personal information about any student by that student or others, including pictures, addresses, phone numbers, pager numbers and email addresses.


    Internet Controlled Filtering


         In accordance with the provisions of the Children's Internet Protection Act ("CIPA"), the District requires that all District computers with Internet access be equipped with filtering or blocking technology which will, at a minimum, block or filter Internet access for both minors and adults, to visual depictions that are obscene; child pornography; and for computers used by minors with Internet access, harmful to minors.

         No filtering technology can guarantee that students will be prevented from accessing all inappropriate locations. However, the District shall institute measures to monitor the online activities of minors and assist students in the appropriate use of the Internet.

         Under certain supervised circumstances, authorized personnel may override the filtering/blocking technology for a limited, prescribed period of time, to assist staff members engaged in legitimate research or other lawful purposes. The District will develop regulations to implement this element of the policy.

    The District shall provide employee training for proper use of the Network, including: 

    • training to foster the safety and security of minors when using electronic mail, chatrooms, and other forums of direct electronic communications; as well as training to prevent unauthorized disclosure, use and dissemination of personal identification information regarding minors.

    All users of the Seaford School District Network, including students and staff, must abide by the District's restrictions on Network use.

         Further, the user and, where applicable, his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) are warned that The Seaford School District does not have control of the information on the Internet. Even though the Seaford School District Network uses Internet filtering equipment, it is possible that the requester might access unacceptable sites. These sites may contain material that is illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive to some people. Therefore, users shall discharge and hold harmless the Seaford School District, its board of education trustees and employees from any and all claims, liabilities, demands, causes of action, costs, expenses or obligations of any kind, known or unknown, arising out of or in any way relating to his/her own or his/her child's use of or access to the Seaford School District Network or other independent networks. While the Seaford School District's intent is to make Internet access available to further its educational goals and objectives, users may access other materials as well.

         The Seaford School District believes that the benefits to educators and students from access to the Internet, in the form of information resources and opportunities for collaboration, far exceed any disadvantages of access. But ultimately, parent(s) and guardian(s) of minors are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their child or ward should follow.

    The Seaford School District would like to emphasize that the independent networks, accessed through the Seaford School District Network, are open systems. This means that another individual within or outside the Seaford School District community might access a Seaford School District's user's files without the user’s prior knowledge or consent. Therefore, the Seaford School District's advice to all users is "Don't put anythi ng in writing that you wouldn't want other people to read." As it is impossible to guarantee complete security, the Seaford School District accepts no responsibility for any consequences of unauthorized entry, even if such entry could have been prevented by procedures known to the Seaford School District but not adopted. Seaford School District Network will make reasonable efforts to protect the electronic files of every user.

    The user and, where applicable, his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) must understand the specific conditions and services being offered will change from time to time. In addition, a user uses Seaford School District Network at his/her own risk. The Seaford School District makes no warranties with respect to Seaford School District's service, including but not limited to the following:

    1. The content of any advice or information received by a user from a source outside Seaford School District Network or any costs or charges incurred as a result of seeing or accepting such advice.

    2. Any costs, liability or damages caused by the way the user chooses to use his/her Seaford School District Network access.

    3. Any consequences of service interruptions or changes, even if these disruptions arise from circumstances under the control of the Seaford School District.

    1. While the Seaford School District supports the privacy of electronic mail, account users must assume that this cannot be guaranteed.

    2. Network users have NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY with respect to any data storedor transmitted via the District's Network or used in conjunction with the District's Network. School officials shall monitor the use of the District's Network and can and will search, at any time, the account, e-mail, disks, files, or other data stored on the District's Network.

    Users must recognize that the Seaford School District's Code of Conduct applies to the use of the Seaford School District Network and other independent networks, and that any usage of these networks in violation of this code or the Seaford School District's policy and procedures regarding usage of the networks, and/or any of the Seaford School District's policies and procedures, will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including but not limited to loss of Seaford School District Network privileges.