• Seaford Community
    Marching Band
    In response to interest from the community who miss performing in a high school marching, we have created the Seaford Community Marching Band. This group will perform in tandem with the current High School Marching Band at all community Marching Band events. Such events include, but are not limited to, the Homecoming Parade, the Little League Parade, and the Memorial Day Parade.  
    Please sign up for our Seaford Community Marching Band Text Remind:
    text @SHSCommMB to #81010
    We will send out text reminders of when the High School will be rehearsing this music if you are free and would like to come down and join us. We understand that scheduling is always difficult, so if you cannot make any rehearsals and need the use of a music lyre please feel free to do so.
    The Community Marching Band members' uniform is all black. This means black dress pants, black dress shoes, black dress socks, & a black top. If you still have your Seaford Music Polo (you can wear a long-sleeve black shirt/Under Armor under the polo if needed) and marching band shoes, please wear those. If you do not have a Seaford Music Polo, a plain black polo will be fine. 
    Parade Set-Up
    The Community Marching Band will be placed directly after the present High School Marching Band. Percussionist will be mixed in with the current Drumline. The Community Color Guard will be directly after the High School Color Guard. We have a Seaford Community Marching Band banner that will be placed in front of the Community wind players. 
    If you need to borrow an instrument from us in order to perform, please contact us at least 2 weeks before each event. We will sign out an instrument to you to use.
    Please click on the Colorguard link on the side of the website for the parade routines.
    Click the links below for your Marching Band music. Please stop by the High School whenever you would like to get the music (at least a week before the event). We will have flip books and lyres that you can use to perform with during the parades. The music, flip folders, music lyres are also available in locker #4 in the High School Band Room.

    Please see the main link of


    to follow for parade dates.