¡Estudien - Use Quizlet to help memorize the vocabulary!
    El 15 de junio - Please answer this exit survey about your experiences                            during the school year. Gracias
    El 12 de junio -       Last Zoom Live Session today
                              Spanish 7 Pd. 3 - 9:00am - 9:20am
                              Spanish 7 Pd. 8 - 10:30am -10:50am
      Further info on the session will be on Pearson/Discuss - in      Preguntas o Comentarios.
    El 11 de junio - ¡Hola estudiantes! Outstanding assignments were due yesterday. Grades are due!
    Tomorrow will be our last live Zoom session.  It will be in the morning. Please click onto the tab, "Live Learning -Morning"on my website to see the times, in the morning, that we will be meeting. As always, the link will be put in the Preguntas o Comentarios section 5 minutes before. Please read the post on Preguntas o Comentarios as well.
    El 10 de junio - ¡Hola estudiantes!- Please use today to make up any outstanding assignments from class. As always, the assignments are listed on this page, with directions on what to do.  Note: Not all assignments are on Pearson, so please read the information for the dates carefully. If anyone has any questions, or needs me to clarify anything, send me an email or contact me during my office hour (Spanish 7 12:30pm-1:05pm).
    El 9 de junio - Pearson/In Classes - Video: Los españoles comen hiperconectados, rápido, y solos, según un estudio - After watching the video, write your opinion, in Spanish (in Preguntas o Comentarios) about the following: How is it when you eat with family or alone? Is your cellphone always nearby? Use the verb comer and usar in your sentence.
    El 8 de junio - Powerpoint Presentation - Create 3 days of healthy meals for your family (en español).  Use the vocabulary from el 20 de mayo, Capítulo 3B - Maximum, 3 slides.  Please Read post on Preguntas o Comentarios
    El 5 de junio -  Today, I will have live instruction via Zoom at scheduled times. Here is the schedule by period : 
    Spanish 7 Pd. 3 - 1:00pm - 1:20pm
    Spanish 7 Pd. 8 - 2:30 pm - 2:50pm
    The link will be sent to you 5 minutes before the session on Preguntas o Comentarios - Please check there.                   
    El 4 de junio -
    #1 - Please check on the portal to see if you are missing any assignments and make them up ASAP. 
    #2 -Live Instruction via Zoom tomorrow  - See information on Live Learning tab on my website. Please make a note of this so  that you know what time the sessions are. Also, look to see the information that will be posted on Preguntas o Comentarios        about the Live Instruction sessions as well. Note: These sessions are in the afternoon. 
    El 3 de junio - Pearson/In Classes - Prueba con Remediation: The Verb Ser - Directions - Please review the forms of the verb ser before taking this quiz. Write the correct form of the verb ser in Spanish in the blanks.
    El 2 de junio - Pearson/In Classes - Instant Check-The verb ser
    Please review the forms of the verb ser and write the correct form for each sentence.  Don't forget that there is a quiz tomorrow on the verb ser.
    El de junio - Pearson/In Classes - #1 Watch - GramActiva Video: The verb ser. #2 - Guided Grammar Activity - The verb ser - Please read the directions before completing the activities.
    There will be a quiz on the verb ser on Wednesday.
    NOTE - Read my post on Preguntas o Comentarios from Friday, 5/29.
    El 29 de mayo - Zoom Live Session today
                                Spanish 7 Pd. 3 - 9:00am - 9:20am
                                 Spanish 7 Pd. 8 - 10:30am -10:50am
      Further info on the session will be on Pearson/Discuss - in      Preguntas o Comentarios.
    El 28 de mayo - Pearson/In Classes - Prueba - Vocabulario Capítulo 3B (Sp. 7) - One submission per student. Please review vocabulary and check your answers before submitting. ZOOM LIVE SESSION TOMORROW - CHECK INFO ON LIVE LEARNING TAB
    El 27 de mayo -Pearson/In Classes 
        In preparation for tomorrow's vocabulary quiz
    #1 Listen to the dialogue "La cena con papá", then complete Actividad 3 "Celia tiene sed y hambre" (Celia is hungry and thirsty). Choose Cierto or Falso for each sentence, based on the dialogue.
    #2 - Instant Check - Capítulo 3B: Vocabulario en Contexto - Complete this in preparation for tomorrow's vocabulary quiz.
    El 26 de mayo - Note - Pearson has been changed to SAAVAS EasyBridge.  It is still the same online program, so you should be able to access it the same way.  Pearson / In Classes - Flashcards: Capítulo 3B. Please review the flashcards in preparation for this week's vocabulary quiz.
    El 22 de mayo - Live instruction today. Go onto the Live Learning
    tab on my teacher's website to see the time your class is scheduled for our Zoom session.  Further info on the session will be on Pearson/Discuss - in Preguntas o Comentarios.
    El 21 de mayo - 1)Pearson/In Classes - Vocabulario en uso Capítulo 3B - Actividad 4: ¡Claro que no!- Read the directions and write the answers in Spanish in the right section.
    2) Create a Quizlet with the Capítulo 3B vocabulary and images  (see the vocabulary link from yesterday's date). Send me the link via email with your name in the subject section so that I know who you are.  
    El 20 de mayo - Vocabulario Capítulo 3B   Please use this as a reference for the vocabulary and topics.  If you are having issues with anything concerning the assignments, please contact me so that I can assist you during the school day. I will be on Preguntas o Comentarios to answer any questions you may have, as well as via email (See the Live Learning tab on my website for more detailed information).
    El 19 de mayo - Atención - Check out the Live Learning tab on my website to see my Bitmoji Virtual Classroom.  It has all of the information about my live learning schedule and office hours for this week.
    Today's lesson - Pearson/ In Classes - Click onto Vocabulario en Contexto - Capítulo 3B.  Read the instructions carefully.
    1) Listen to the vocabulary support.
    2) Listen to the audio for "¿Qué debe comer Pablo?" Choose the correct answers for #'s 1-7. (Don't forget to press "check  answers" to receive credit for doing the activity).
    3)Listen to the audio for "Una Salud Perfecta". Answer the questions based on the audio (press "check answers" to receive credit for doing the activity).
    El 18 de mayo - Pearson/ In Classes Click onto Introducción - Capítulo 3B.  Click onto each of the tabs to read the objectives and Click onto the video "Videocultura - El maíz - comida esencial".  At the end of the video, there is a question.  Answer the question, in Spanish in "Preguntas o Comentarios". 
    El 15 de mayo - Today will be a makeup day for my students.  This means that you can complete whatever quizzes, tests, or assignments that you haven't done during 4th quarter.  Remember, if your assignment says "In Progress" or "Not Started", you can't get credit for the assignment because I can't see your answers.  Please read the following information carefully:
    1) Next Friday, I will have live instruction via Zoom at scheduled times. Here is the schedule by period : 
    Spanish 7 Pd. 3 - 1:00pm - 1:20pm
    Spanish 7 Pd. 8 - 2:30 pm - 2:50pm
          The schedule can also be found on Pearson/Classes -                                             Preguntas o Comentarios
    Alternate Week - Spanish 7 Pd. 3 - 9:00am - 9:20am
                                 Spanish 7 Pd. 8 - 10:30am -10:50am
    2) Daily Teacher Feedback - Each day from 12:35 pm - 1:05pm I will be available to communicate directly with my 7th grade students via "Preguntas o Comentarios" (on Classes in Pearson).  Before a quiz or test, I may have group reviews via Zoom (audio) to go over any specific questions, during this time slot as well. You will now in advance so that as many students as possible can participate.
    3) If there are any other concerns, please don't hesitate to continue to keep in touch with me as you have been via email.
    El 14 de mayo - Pearson/In Classes - Click onto the link for Examen 3A. You will only be allowed to enter your answers once, so review the vocabulary and verbs first, select your answers, and check your answers 3x before you click submit.  
    Note - In order to get onto Pearson today, you have to go on through Pearson Realize. The website is aware of the issue and has been trying to fix it since early this morning.  
    El 13 de mayo - Due to the low turnout at the Zoom review session yesterday and the many topics on the unit test, only the writing part of Examen 3A will be given today.(Go To Classes on Pearson to see the Exam link)
     The other sections of the examen will be given on Thursday.  Please use today to review the er and ir verbs, using the verbs Me gustan and Me encantan, and the vocabulary of different foods and drinks. Use your Quizlet study guide to help you as well.  I will be on Pearson/ In Classes - Preguntas o Comentarios - to answer any questions from 11am-12pm today.
    El 12 de mayo - Please review on Pearson - Animated Verbs: Present tense of -er and -ir  and GramActiva Video: Me gustan, me encantan
    There will be an audio review on Zoom today in preparation for Wednesday's Chapter 3B Unit Test.  Info - Pearson- In Classes - Click onto  Preguntas o Comentarios to see further details.
    El 11 de mayo - There will be a unit test on Wednesday on Capítulo 3A
    #1 - Pearson/In Classes - Click onto Instant Check - Capítulo 3A. 
    #2- Pearson/In Classes - Click onto Situation Cards 2: Capítulo 3A - Record your response in Spanish for Situation Card - Estudiante A.
    El 8 de mayo - #1 - Click onto the following video about ordering a meal in Spanish:    
    #2 - After watching the video, Go To - Classes on Pearson, Click onto "Preguntas o Comentarios" and write one sentence about which topics in Capítulo 3A that you had the most difficulty with.  Go back to the 2 de abril date on my website to see the vocabulary and verbs that were reviewed. Do not email the sentence.
    El 7 de mayo - Note - There will be a Unit Test next Wednesday on Chapter 3A. Please read the post that is in Classes in "Preguntas o Comentarios"
    Today's assignment -Proyecto de Powerpoint - Tienes un nuevo restaurante - You have a new restaurant with food from Spanish-speaking countries in the community. Create a menú
    for your restaurant with 3 items each for: El Desayuno, El Almuerzo, La Cena, El Postre, Las Tapas (Appetizers), y Las Bebidas. Your restaurant must have a name (1st slide) and the items have to be in Spanish. Use your vocabulary to help out with the items in your restaurant.  The maximum number of slides is 3 (el desayuno, el almuerzo, la cena, el postre - one slide and las tapas and las bebidas on another slide). Please share your slide with me for a grade.
    El 6 de mayo - Note - There are a number of you with missing quiz grades and assignments. Check Infinite Campus and make up your work.
    Today's assignment - Pearson/In Classes - Click onto "Auténtico - Quesadillas en las calles de México" - Read the information in "Before You Watch".  Then watch the video. Answer the following preguntas in Spanish in Classes - "Preguntas o Comentarios" (Do not email me the answers):
    1-What is street food?
    2- Where would you most likely eat street food in the US?
    3- What types of quesadillas are there?
    4- How is the food in your house compared to typical Mexican food?
       *Note - I had to post the video: Quesadillas en las calles de México *
    El 5 de mayo - Please read the directions carefully:
    1) Go into Pearson/In Classes and Click onto Preguntas o Comentarios.  Read the "prueba tips" that are posted. 
    Any questions about the tips should be addressed in Preguntas o Comentarios, not via email. 
    2) After reviewing that and your food vocabulary, Click onto Prueba with Remediation - Me gustan, Me encantan.
    El 4 de mayo - Pearson/In Classes - Click onto Core Activity - ¿Qué te gusta? For more review of tomorrow's quiz of Me gustan/Me encantan, please review the GramActiva video - Me gustan/Me encantan. 
    El 1 de mayo - Pearson/In Classes - Click onto Instant Check - Me gustan, Me encantan. Lea las direcciones (Read the directions before doing the activity). Note - Prueba el martes (Tuesday) on Me gustan/Me encantan.
    El 30 de abril - Pearson/In Classes - #1 - Go to Classes - Preguntas o Comentarios and write at least one sentence about the topics you are learning so far.  Are there any topics that are more difficult than others? What do you need help with? This is mandatory. Do not email this sentence.
    #2 -Click onto Ej.18 ¿Qué te gusta? - Read the objectives at the top of the page and Complete Ej.18 ¿Qué te gusta? Read the directions and write the answers in the box for #'s 1-6.  Please do not send me any emails of the work.  If there isn't enough space to write, send me the answers on Preguntas o Comentarios (in Classes).
    El 29 de abril - Pearson/In Classes - #1- Watch the GramActiva Video - Me gustan, Me encantan. #2 -Then click on this link to do the activity. 
    Actividad - Me Gustan / Me EncantanNOTE - Write these answers on "Preguntas o Comentarios" in the Classes section of Pearson. Do not email the answers.  I will be on Preguntas o Comentarios website from 11am-12pm, to answer any questions anyone may have.
    El 28 de abril - Pearson/In Classes - Prueba with Remediation - Capitulo#3A. Please review your vocabulary one more time before taking the prueba (quiz).
    El 27 de abril - Pearson/In Classes - Repaso (Review) Flashcards - Capitulo 3A.  Review these flashcards de las comidas y bebidas diferentes (Food and drink vocabulary only). NOTE-Tomorrow, there will be a mini-quiz, only on the food and drink topics.
    Note - There are 20 students who still didn't take the prueba from Friday.  This counts as part of your average for 4th quarter. Make sure to take this quiz ASAP.
    El 24 de abril - Pearson/ In Classes - Click on Prueba - Los Verbos -er e -ir. Use the following review to study in Classes - GramActiva Video - Present Tense of -er and -ir verbs and Gramática: Present tense of -er and -ir verbs.
    El 23 de abril - Pearson/In Classes- Click on Instant Check: Present Tense of -er and -ir verbs.  Write the correct form of the verb for each sentence. Note - You need to write the correct verb and form of the verb for each sentence. (Ejemplo #1 is comes)
    *There will be a mini-prueba on verbs that end in er and ir tomorrow - You will be able to use your notes*
    Any questions, please contact me in Classes, not email, in "Preguntas o Comentarios".
    El 22 de abril - (Please read instructions carefully) Pearson/In Classes - 1)Click on "El Intercambio Entre Dos Mundos".
    2)Read Conexiones: La Historia and complete Activity 10. 
    3)For Activity 11, Answer the 3 questions in Classes - Preguntas o Comentarios in Spanish. Also write one sentence telling me how you are doing. (I'll be on the chat from 11am-12pm if you have questions).
    El 21 de abril - Pearson/ In Classes - Click onto Core Activity: El Verbo Correcto. Lea las instrucciones
    El 20 de abril - 1)Finish the Quizlet study guide that you created on FridayNote, some of the quizlets that were shared with me didn't have the name of the student attached. 2)Pearson/ In Classes - Click onto Lectura - Frutas y Verduras de las Américas. Lea las instrucciones (Read the directions) and make sure the assignment says completed when you are done. Assignments that say "In Progress" can't be seen on my end. 
    El 17 de abril - Please read these instructions carefully - Go to the April 2nd date and click onto the Vocabulario -Capítulo 3A link. Create a Quizlet study guide (and include images). Send me the link on the Pearson Chat Box (In Classes) - Preguntas y Comentarios. If there are any questions or concerns, write to me in the Classes section of Pearson(Preguntas y Comentarios).
    El 16 de abril - Pearson/In Classes - Click onto Actividad 15 - Los sábados y la comida. Lea las direcciones (Read the directions carefully). Do not email the answers to me (complete them on the website). Gracias.
    El 15 de abril - Click onto the following exercise Ejercicio con los verbos -er e -ir. Send the answers to me via Classes in the Pearson Chat Box "Preguntas y Comentarios.  Also write one sentence about any issues that you have about this unit. Don't forget I will be available from 11-12 to answer questions via the chat box. 
    El 14 de abril - Pearson/In Classes - Click on GramActiva Video, "Present Tense of er and ir verbs". Then Click onto "Gramática - Present Tense of -er and -ir verbs and do Actividad 12.  
    El 13 de abril - Watch the video from 4/9 - Answer the following questions in Classes on the Pearson Chat Box en español -Preguntas y Comentarios : ¿Cuál acento es difícil? (Which accent is difficult to understand?) ¿Cuál acento es fácil? (Which accent is easy to understand?) ¿ Quién es tu persona favorita y por qué? (Who is your favorite person and why?) -Do not email the answers - After you write your answers, press Post.
    El 9 y El 10 de abril - Spanish Accents From Different Spanish Speaking Countries - Watch the following video. I found it fun to watch! We will discuss feedback on Monday.
    El 8 de abril - I will be available on Wednesdays from 11am-12pm on the Pearson "Chat Box" to address any issues that you are having with assigned work on Pearson, or any other questions that you have.  I can't see feedback if your message is "In Progress" You have to post it so that I can see it. Today's assignment -Pearson/In Classes - Core Activity - Tus Preferencias -Lea las direcciones and complete the activity on the website.
    El 7 de abril - Pearson/ In Classes -Tus Comidas Favoritas - Lea las direcciones and complete the activity on the website.
    El 6 de abril - Continuation of Friday's assignment - Watch the Videohistoria again and complete the Comparación Cultural (en español).  Start off your answer with - En mi familia tenemos (In my family we have) and write what food you will eat for the upcoming holiday. Click onto the "notebook" section and write your answer there.
    El 3 de abril - Continuation of yesterday's assignment - Go back to Vocabulario en Contexto, to the page that says Videohistoria - El Almuerzo. Watch the video, then complete the two activities. Answers can be emailed to me. Do not do the Comparación Cultural.
    El 2 de abril - Pearson/In Classes, click onto Vocabulario en Contexto - Capítulo 3A. Do Actividades 1-3. Do not go past the last activity "El Almuerzo Favorito. Use the link for the vocabulary below as a reference.
    Vocabulario - Capítulo 3A  The chat box,"Preguntas o Comentarios" is available to write any concerns about assignments for the month of April.
    El 1 de abril- Pearson/In Classes, click onto "Introducción-Capítulo 3A. Lea las direcciones and do the writing activity after watching the video. I also started a "Preguntas o Comentarios" chat box to ask me questions directly about the assignments.
    El 31 de marzo - Ejercicio con las formas de Estar - Do Ejs.A y C only. Escribe las respuestas (Send answers via email).
    El 30 de marzo- Pearson. Go to Classes & click onto Communication Activity-Actividad 13. Read the directions carefully beforehand on the actual page.  Use the preposiciones vocabulary to write 7 sentences in Spanish in Box #1 & in Box#2. Use the modelo as a guide. Don't forget to press Next to submit when you are done.
    El 27 de marzo - Pearson Easy Bridge. Go to Classes and click onto "Perspectivas del mundo hispano". Read the information and answer the questions from Comparación Cultural and Investigar. Click onto the Notebook icon to write your answers and don't forget to submit. Have a nice weekend! 
    El 26 de marzo - Pearson Easy Bridge - This is a continuation from yesterday's assignment. Go to Classes and click onto "Literary Skills Activities: Tema 2". Read La Escuela - La Lectura 2 on page 13. Note, You will have to press download to open the activity.  After reading page 13, answer questions on pgs 14-15 only, on a separate sheet of paper and email me the answers. 
    El 25 de marzo- Pearson Easy Bridge - Go to Classes and Read La Escuela - La Lectura 1 on page 10. You will have to press download to open the activity. After reading page 10, answer questions on pgs. 11-12 only, on a separate sheet of paper, and email me the answers.
    El 24 de marzo - Click onto the video link below that is a fun way to remember the prepositions - ¡Es muy divertido!
    El 23 de marzo- Answer the questions in complete sentences in Spanish, according to the pictures.
    El 20 de marzo - Pearson Easy Bridge - Go to Classes and do Pronunciación, The Letter G 
    El 19 de marzo - Pearson Easy Bridge -A. Go onto Classes and watch the GramActiva video "The Plural of Nouns and Adjectives". B. Do "Instant Check, The Plural of Nouns and Articles. Email me if you have any questions.
    Tarea - El Verbo Estar el 3 de marzo
    Tarea el 26 de febrero - Based on last night's homework about the school in Costa Rica, write three sentences in Spanish about how that school is different from Seaford Middle School.
    Tarea el 12 de febrero
    Examen - Chapter 2A - el viernes, 14 de febrero - Las clases/Objetos de la clase, Verbos que terminan en ar - o, as, a, amos, an
    Números ordinales (Primero-Decimo), Adjetivos, Los Pronombres
    Tarea - el 4 de febrero - Hagan Ejs A y B
    Vocabulario - Chapter 2A - Use the hoja to review for the Wednesday's  
    Tarea el 16 de diciembre - Pt.6 -Change the article (el, la) and the noun to the plural form.  Pt.7- Change the article (las, los) and the nouns to the singular form.  Pt. 8 Write the correct indefinite article (un, una) in the blank. Then on the li.ne, change the article and the noun to the plural form (unos, unas).
    Crucigrama - Tarea el 4 de noviembre
     Tarea - el 29 de octubre - Mini-prueba el jueves (Las Expresiones del Tiempo, Las Estaciones, Los Meses)
    Izquierda, derecha, delante, detrás
    Cerca, y lejos, y algo más
    Abajo, arriba, enfrente, encima
    Y ahora muchachos, se acaba la rima