• Culture Club
     Welcome to the Culture Club website!  Culture Club meets every Tuesday after school in Room 205 with Mrs. Levy-Roberts.  Each month we focus on different cultures through music, food, videos, movies, and other activities.  The goal of Culture Club is to show the importance of all cultures and that we can come together to learn from each other.  By learning about different cultures, we may even find out how much we may have in common!  Come and stop by - all are welcome!
    Each month focuses on a different group:
     September - Latino Heritage Month
    October - Italian American Heritage Month
    November - Native American Heritage Month
    December -  Celebrate Your Heritage Month
    January - German American Heritage Month
    February - African American / Caribbean Heritage Month
    March - National Women's History Month (honoring women from different backgrounds)/ Irish American Heritage Month
    April - Jewish American Heritage Month
    May - Asian American/Pacific American Heritage Month 
                                 June - Scandinavian American Heritage Month / Polish American Heritage Month