• Please use this page for all future assignments as we begin preparation for the AP Exam!

    Assignments and review materials will be posted here to guide your studying. There will be some assignments that will be collected/submitted, but not all. You will be responsible for completing work at your own pace. The more you do, the more prepared you will be for the AP Exam! It's up to you!


    These study guides should be extremely helpful for you! They go step by step through each Unit's "essential understandings." Reference these packets while completing all other review assignments. 

    Unit 1 Geographical Thinking

    Unit 2 Population and Migration

    Unit 3 Cultural Patterns

    Unit 4 Political Geography

    Unit 5 Agriculture

    The 2020 AP Test will only cover up to these 5 units!

     Another helpful link: Ultimate Guide to the AP


    ATTENTION! The AP Exam is now Tuesday, May 12th at 4pm. 

    I made this video to summarize what the new exam will look like - WATCH HERE! 


    View the schedule below for Review Assignments. For the study guides, there is a PDF (if you choose to print and write) or a DOC (if you choose to download and type). I am not collecting this study guide. I will be reading and reviewing the FORMS ASSIGNMENTS. Click the link and answer the questions.


    Study Guide Unit 1 PDF DOC






    If you have not completed the "Checking in" Survey from the email I sent, please fill it out here: Survey!


    ALSO, another Forms survey on Zoom Review sessions: Answer Here


    Human Geography Key Concepts This is a list of key terms and ideas you should know for each unit 

    The exam will be "open note" but will assess your understanding of the topics. 


    Visit Helpful Resources Tab for more Review! Do as much as you can to be 100% prepared!



    Week of 4/27 to 5/4: You will be watching Content Review videos that I made on EdPuzzle. Follow the steps below. The following week we will have live Zoom sessions!

    1. Click the link to join edpuzzle. Class code is gahirot. Join here and enter your name.

    2. In these assignments you will watch videos and answer questions throughout. You can see along the bottom timeline where the questions are going to appear. 

    3. FYI You cannot fast forward or skip through the video.

    4. Follow the schedule below. You only need to spend 30 minutes each day here. 

    5. Once you join the class you will see all the assignments in the same place, or you can click each individual link below. 

    6. These due dates may change - once Collegeboard posts practice exams we will do those instead on that day!


    Monday 4/27

     Unit 1 Part I (14 minutes)

     Unit 1 Part II (5 minutes)


    Tuesday 4/28

    Unit 2 Part I (15 minutes)

    Unit 2 Part II (14 minutes)


    Wednesday 4/29

    Unit 2 Part III (15 minutes)

    Unit 3 Part I (14 minutes)


    Thursday 4/30

    Unit 3 Part II (13 minutes)

    Unit 4 Part I (12 minutes) 


    Friday 5/1

    Unit 4 Part II (13 minutes) 

    Unit 4 Part III (14 minutes)


    Monday 5/4

    Unit 5 Part I (13 minutes)

    Unit 5 Part II (12 minutes)

    Unit 5 Part III (7 minutes) 


    There is now an "AP HG Academies" tab for all information and resources for AP Academies!


    Tuesday 5/5: 

    • Practice submitting work on AP Central by clicking HERE
    • This is NOT a practice exam - there is NO content or human geography question. It simply shows you what the webpage will look like and how to submit your work on Test Day. 
    • This is an important step: "AP students should use the clickable exam demo to practice the different ways to submit their exam responses. The demo will help students confirm that their testing device will be able to access and run the online exam."


    • Practice Exam!
    • Click here for sample FRQs for 2020.
    • You do not have to send the answers to me but you should try to quiz yourself!
    • Answer the questions on paper or type them on a word document. We will go over them on Wednesday during the Zoom Review!


    Wednesday 5/6: Zoom session 3-5. See Academies Tab for more Information


    Thursday 5/7-Monday 5/11: Review FRQs and Answers

    • Here is FRQ Sample #2 released by AP Central Practice Exam 2
    • AP Central will go over the Answers on YouTube May 7th at 5:00pm
    • I will post the answers before Monday
    • MORE FRQ Practice Questions 10 samples to test yourself!


    Monday 5/11: Zoom Session 3-5 (see FRQ documents above that will be discussed)

    •  Answer Key to the 10 FRQ Practice Questions: FRQ ANSWERS


    Tuesday 5/12: Zoom Session 11 AM-1PM  ♦ EXAM 4PM! ♦


     Congratulations on your completion of the AP Exam!