• Club Philosophy and Objectives

    The Seaford High School Model Congress offers each member the exciting opportunity to suggest solutions for local, state, and national public policy issues by authoring bills that, if enacted into law, would make our world a better place in which to live. At weekly meetings, Model Congress members learn the skills of identifying current events issues, putting ideas into writing and presenting concepts in an open forum.

    Two important aspects of the club are the use of parliamentary procedure to ensure fairness in debate and the development of public speaking skills. In addition to regular meetings at our school, Model Congress Club members compete for awards at tournaments with model congressmen from area high schools. The Model Congress Club is a friendly and helpful group of students who share ideas with one another as they prepare for careers, which emphasize cooperation and the art of persuasion.

    Our main objectives are to:
    •    Understand the processes of forming and passing laws
    •    Learn the role of representatives in congress
    •    Learn the use of parliamentary procedure and nurture debating ability
    •    Learn research skills and the process of examining more than one point of view
    •    Understand our roles as citizens in a representative government
    •    Develop the skills of communication by speaking and writing
    •    Develop self-confidence, self-awareness, and leadership skills
    •    Learn non-violent ways of resolving conflicting views