Band Note Name Practice

  • Note Naming Practice Assignment

    This program (available at is going to help you get to be a master note reader in no time! This practice assignment can count towards your weekly minute log for up to 10 minutes of practice a week.


    Practice your note naming skills and prove that you are a master note reader!  We have played this game in lessons, but just in case you're a little confused, here is how to play.  When the note comes up on the screen, figure out what note it is and click on the correct letter.  If you get it wrong, it will turn red; if you get it right it will turn green and play the pitch!  Want to start over?  Click on the The epic i  in the top right corner and hit “Reset Score.”

    Please get at least 80 correct answers, or 150 total questions. 

    Feel free to play more than once, or play longer.

    How great of a musician do you want to be?

    Print Progress Report

    Click on the The epic i  and hit “Show Progress Report.”  Put in your name and click “Sign Report.” At the bottom click on “Print Report” and bring it to your next lesson. 

    Don't have a printer? Take a screen shot of the screen and send it to my e-mail address.  Don't have a computer at home?  You can do this on an iPad as well, or let me know you want to come in during Recess and I will have it up and ready for you!

    Now choose your instrument and level!