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  • The Science Research program has three levels of study.  The first-year course in the science research sequence, Science Research 1, is intended for 9th and 10th grade students with an interest in carrying out authentic STEM research. The focus of the course is for students to uncover the excitement of discovery while acquiring life-long skills necessary to design and complete a group research project. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the research process, data acquisition and analysis, and the presentation of results. The students will be prepared to enter various science competitions.


    In Science Research 2, students will enhance the wide array or academic and life skills that they acquired in Research 1, continuing to develop as researchers while working on independent or group projects. Students will pursue a project in their field of interest such as in biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, engineering or psychology. Students will research background information, design experiments and acquire and analyze data, and present their results. The students will be prepared to enter various local and state, national and international science competitions.


    Finally, in Science Research 3, students build on the skills acquired in Research 1 and 2 and prepare to participate in high level science competitions such as the Regeneron Science Talent Search, Google Science Fair and Long Island Science and Engineering Fair in their senior year. Students will be guided towards developing a research question that they can pursue during the school year.