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    The Physical Education Department strives to meet the Learning Standards developed by the State Education Department.Courses offered through the Health Department provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain personal health. 
    Courses Offered: Adaptive Physical Education, Physical Education, Health Education
    The Seaford High School Physical Education & Health Department members are: 
    Kevin Witt - Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics - Kwitt@seaford.k12.ny.us - 516.592.4351 
    Stephanie Bartkus - SBartkus@mail.seaford.k12.ny.us Click Here to view more details about High School PE on Ms. Bartkus' page.
    Ralph Pascarella - Varsity Boys Soccer Coach - RPascarella@mail.seaford.k12.ny.us
    Michael Spreckels - District Athletic Trainer - mspreckels@seaford.k12.ny.us
    Michael Corcoran    mcorcoran@mail.seaford.k12.ny.us 








    1. Attendance will be taken 3-5 minutes after the bell rings. Please sit in your spot and get ready for directions and the warm-up. You will be marked late if you are not in your floor spot by the time we start attendance.



    1. The school will provide a lock for you. All combinations will be written down by your teacher if you need it, but please write the code in your cell phone’s notes.
    2. DO NOT SHARE. Please be responsible for locking up your items each day.
    3. If you lose your lock or it gets stolen, you will be responsible to pay for a new lock.



    1. Appropriate clothing is mandatory for class credit - sneakers, shorts, sweats, and/or t-shirts.
    2. NO – jeans, sweaters, button ups, sandals, CROCS, boots, slippers, excessive jewelry, or apparel that is revealing/has inappropriate messages.
    3. Please keep extra clothing for outdoor activities throughout the course of the year, as we tend to stay outside as long as possible.



    1. Leave your cell phone in your locker. (Not in your pocket.) Be sure to lock it up!
    2. If you bring your phone into the gym, you must place it in the blue phone holder.
    3. Texting, picture taking, game playing, or earbuds will not be tolerated, and you will lose class credit.



    1. If you need to sit out from PE class, you must bring a note from a doctor excusing you from activity. The note should be brought to the nurse, who will then send your PE teacher an e-mail.
    2. You will receive credit/a grade for class by completing written assignments in the library (assignment will be available in Teams and as a paper copy).


    1. Do not leave the gym for the bathroom or a drink without getting permission.
    2. The locker room doors will be locked 3 minutes after the bell. You will not have access to the locker room once class begins.
    3. At the end of class, please stay in the gym until the bell rings.
    4. Please do not wander into the gym during your lunch or study halls periods.
    5. This year we will be continuing our Archery Unit. Please be aware that ALL safety protocols MUST be followed at all times in order to participate.



      1. Each class will be worth 10 points
        1. You will be graded based on your preparation, participation & character.
      2. Grades will be entered by unit (ex: Golf, Badminton, Volleyball, etc.)
        1. There will be about 3-5 units per quarter.
      3. Physical Education class is a participation-based class; therefore, if you are not in class to earn your grade, you must make up the time you missed.

    Class Make-Ups

      • Class make-ups will be held every week to earn back your 10 points from your excused absence.
      • Speak to your teacher for specific days of the week to report or for written assignments to earn back your class credit.

    2023-2024 Curriculum:

    All units are subject to change based on weather or class size


    Introductory Procedures - locks, bus drills, student ID pictures

    Unit 1 - Ultimate Frisbee & Aerial Football 

    Unit 2 - Soccer

    Unit 3 - Tennis Baseball

    Unit 4 - Broomball Hockey/Walking for Fitness


    Unit 5 - Volleyball

    Unit 6 - Pickleball

    Unit 7 - European Handball & Dance/Fitness


    Unit 1 - Badminton

    Unit 2 - Archery

    Unit 3 - Basketball Mania

    Unit 4 - Elementary Games


    Congratulations to our 2023 - 2024 Nassau County Outstanding PE Student Award Winners: Amanda Williamson & Charlie Herman  


    Congratulations to our 2022 - 2023 Nassau County Outstanding PE Student Award Winners: Marinna Dupkin & Will Cascio!    

     Congratulations to our 2022-2023 PE Award Winners:

    Grade 9 - 

    Grade 10 - 

    Grade 11 - 

    Grade 12 - 

    *Overall Excellence - 

    Congratulations to our 2021 - 2022 Nassau County Outstanding PE Student Award Winners:

    Danielle Reid & Anthony Munro    

     Congratulations to our 2021-2022 PE Award Winners:

    Grade 9 - Skyler Secondino & Dylan Brown

    Grade 10 - Amanda Williamson, Aidan Calvacca

    Grade 11 - Marinna Dupkin & Valen Buszko

    Grade 12 - Natalie Villecco & Kyle Stark

    *Overall Excellence - Brooke Surace & Matt Garcia*

    Congratulations to our 2020 - 2021 Nassau County Outstanding PE Student Award Winners:  




     2019-2020 Nassau County Outstanding PE Student Award Winners:   




    Grade 9: Danielle McHugh & AJ Sainsbury

    Grade 10: Annarose Romanelli & Anthony Munro

    Grade 11: Abby Kossmann & Vincenzo Buffalino

    Grade 12: Jamie McSorley & Andrew Leahy

    *OVERALL EXCELLENCE IN PE: Onike Pinnock & Logan Masters*


    2018/2019 PE AWARD WINNERS!! 

    Grade 9: Alysia LoVerde & Matthew Garcia

    Grade 10: Taylor Sylvester & Dennis Lynch

    Grade 11: Allie McMahon & Logan Masters

    Grade 12: Alexa Garcia & Andrew Cuchel

    *Overall Excellence in PE* - Julia DiCanio & Matthew Andersen

    Nassau County Outstanding PE Student Award: Gina Toscana & Ryan Butler



    2017/2018 PE AWARD WINNERS

    Grade 9: Anna Butler & Jeffrey Suppa

    Grade 10: Jolie Kistinger & Shane Corsi

    Grade 11: Lauren King & Michael Vassilio

    Grade 12: Nicholas Minerva & Jacqueline Nieman

    *Overall Excellence in PE: Julia Siler & Luke Farrant*