• June/July 2019

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    Application Process for the 2019 Camp
    Working at Viking Baseball Camp isn't "easy". However, working with young people in the area of baseball is extremely rewarding.  Understand that many many former SHS Ballplayers have been working for Viking Baseball Camp for years and jobs are extremely limited. Also understand that we hire for camp right up to the first day and even at times during the camp itself. The more campers, the more staff needed. Therefore, we cannot always give you an answer on the status of your application. Applicants are placed on a list and as the registrations roll in, more staff is brought on to work.
    Anything is possible! Good Luck!

    By June 1st in an email you must provide the following information/answers exactly as it is requested.

    1-Full Name

    -Birth date/Age/Grade Entering Sept 2019

    -Cell Phone # for Texting

    -Email Address

    -From Infinite Campus or Guidance Office, attach a copy in PDF of your TRANSCRIPT(MOST RECENT)

    -List & describe your experiences with jobs/employment
    (We need to know the types of work you have done in the past)

    -Describe any experiences you have had working with children from 2nd Grade - 8th Grade

    8-Are you CPR/AED/First Aid Certified? DID YOU DO THE "ANYONE CAN SAVE A LIFE" with MR. Spreck?

    9-Please describe how you will make the camp day a better baseball day for all the campers and staff.
    10-BE SPECIFIC AS TO YOUR AVAILABILITY(4th of JULY we have camp!).

    ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE EMAILED with QUESTIONS NUMBERED & ANSWERED TO vikingbaseballinc@gmail.com by  June 1st, 2019

    Viking Baseball Inc.,The distribution of this flyer by the Seaford School District is a courtesy
    extended to the activities of this organization. In no way does the Seaford School District
    sponsor or accept any responsibility for these activities"