• Parental Guide for Head Injuries –

    Signs, Symptoms and Treatment


    This guide will provide you with signs and symptoms to be aware of if you or someone you are observing sustains significant head trauma. The individual should be observed for 24-48 hours after the incident to rule out internal head injury. Those with loss of consciousness or amnesia should be seen by a physician immediately.  However, some signs may gradually appear including the following:


    1.   Increasingly severe headaches and sleepiness.  The patient may sleep but should be checked every hour throughout the night.  If individual awakens slower than usual or not at all, seek medical attention immediately.

    2.   Nausea and repeated forceful vomiting.

    3.   Numbness of an arm or leg.

    4.   Poor coordination or balance.

    5.   Dizziness.

    6.   Ringing in the ears.

    7.   Double or blurry vision or unequal pupil size.

    8.   Difficulty concentrating.

    9.   Sudden change in thinking or personality (aggressive behavior or giddiness).

    10.  Blood or clear drainage from the nose or ears.

    11.  Seizures.


    If any of the above signs develop, the individual should be seen by a physician or taken to the emergency room IMMEDIATELY.  Below are precautionary measures to be used before the signs or symptoms are conclusive. 


    1.     Use of Acetaminophen ( Tylenol )

    2.     No alcohol

    3.     No spicy foods

    4.     Eat a light diet

    5.     No use of any electronic devices (TV, computer, cell phone, etc.)

    6.     Avoid operating a motor vehicle.