Wantagh-Seaford Teacher Center

     Teacher Resource and
    Computer Training Center Staff

    Sarah Busch - Seaford Co-Director

    Heather Naughton - Wantagh Co-Director 

    Maureen Dolan - Chairperson of the Policy Board

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    TBD - Webpage

    The 2022-2023 Policy Board


    Sarah Busch, Co-Director (Seaford Middle School)

     Heather Naughton, Co-Director (Wantagh Middle School)


    Dr. Adele Pecora - Seaford Administration

    John Striffolino - Seaford Administration

    John McNamara- Wantagh Administration

    Maureen Dolan- Seaford Middle School

    Michele Zipfel- Forest Lake ES

    Gina Favata- Mandalay ES

    Ben Wiley- Seaford Parent Representative

    Frances Hettler- St. William the Abbot

    Danielle DiStefano -Seaford Harbor School

    Thomas Keegan- Wantagh Middle School

    Heather Naughton- Wantagh High School

    Jillian Egan- Seaford Manor School

    Cristina Capasso- Seaford High School

    Craig Markson- Higher Ed. Representative Stony Brook University

    Kathy Perlman- Community Business Representative


    All meetings will take place on Zoom. Please contact the co-directors for the meeting link.

    Policy Board Minutes March 17, 2022

    Policy Board Minutes May 19, 2022