• P.A.C.C. (Peers and Connections Created)


    P.A.C.C is a club that will benefit all students.  It is designed to enhance the lives of students with developmental disabilities by providing opportunities for one to one friendships with non-disabled peers.  It provides an opportunity to create an environment that promotes acceptance, friendships and awareness.  It not only benefits  the school but the community as well.    


    Some of the activities that we do include; art projects, crafts, holiday- themed projects, sports, cooking and more! We also plan on taking a few field trips to take the socialization aspect of the club into the community.


    This club is extremely important to students with disabilities because it teaches socialization skills, communication skills and creates friendships while integrating the students with non-disabled peers.  It allows students to utilize their skills learned in their everyday lives. 


    This club benefits non-disabled students by creating awareness, acceptance, and friendships.  It also acts as a career exploration for some. 


    The club provides a safe and nurturing educational environment for all students.

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