• Welcome to Class 4-3

    Roman-John Wojcik


    What Do 4th Graders Do?
    Please take the time to read this over. It briefly outlines the course of study we will follow this year in different subject areas.

    • Reading Workshop:

    Unit 1 – Interpreting Characters

    Unit 2 – Purposeful Reading of Non-fiction

    Unit 3 – Reading History

    Unit 4 – Historical Fiction Clubs

    • Writing Workshop:

    Unit 1 – Realistic Fiction

    Unit 2 – Personal and Persuasive Essays

    Unit 3 – Brining History to Life

    Unit 4 – Literary Essay


    • Place Value and Operations with Whole Numbers

    Place Value, Addition & Subtraction

    Multiply by 1-Digit and 2-Digit Numbers

    Divide by 1-Digit Numbers

    Factors, Multiples and Patterns

    • Fractions and Decimals

    Fraction Equivalence and Comparison

    -Add & Subtract Fractions

    -Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers

    Relate Fraction and Decimals

    • Measurement & Geometry

    2D Figures

    Perimeter and Area





    • Soils, Rocks and Landforms
    • Energy & Electromagnetism
    • Living Systems


    • Putnam / Northern Westchester BOCES:

    Unit 1: The Three Worlds: Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans Meet in NYS

    Unit 2: The Impact of the Colonial & Revolutionary Periods on NY and the New Nation

    Unit 3: Local & State Government in NYS

    -Unit 4: Change Comes to New York

    • Current Events – “Time for Kids”

    These skills will be evaluated in all subject areas through discussions and oral reports.

    The children will relate positively to their peers and to adults.
    One basic rule— “THE GOLDEN RULE” ---Do to others as you would have them do to you.


    Extra Help:

    I will be giving extra help on Tuesday mornings at 8:20 am. Please make sure to complete the Extra Help pass and send it in with your child in a timely manner. Thank you! If needed, you may download the Extra Help Pass from my Class Documents page.