• This year our Fourth Grade students will be visiting the
    Nassau County Museum of Art in Roslyn on two occasions.
    Their first trip in November had the students embark on an environmental art adventure, combining their study of Native Americans
    and environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy.

    The grade was divided into two groups: one that explored and created sculptures with the natural resources found in the forest and the other group in the open grasslands.
    Each of the two regions offers it's own variety of materials that are rich in color, line, texture and shape. The classes had the chance to explain their process and product sculpture and answer questions from their classmates.

    The feedback from the kids was nothing short of wonderful - the children really enjoyed being set free in the open spaces, exploring and creating art from nature. Many students have taken the experience home with them and used their own backyards as their natural "canvas".

    Class 4-1, 4-3 and SSC 4

    Class 4-2 and 4-4