• In May 2010, The Seaford Harbor Elementary School began a plastic bottle cap collection contest as a means to gather recycled materials for an environmentally friendly sculpture project. The incredible result was a school and community united in their ability to save over 144,000 bottle caps from entering our landfills!

    Bottle Caps

    Bottle Cap Collection

    Who knew that an ice cream party incentive would generate so much participation!

    Once the contest ended, the tremendous task of sorting the caps by color began.

    In February 2011, the Harbor students and their families created sculptures during art class using the bottle caps. Many, many thanks go out to local businesses, including Vinny DeLuca of Gold Coast Kitchen and Bath and Ogilvie Construction for their donation of time and materials. Many thanks also go to the many Harbor families who donated materials, the use of drills and chargers and volunteering their time to make this project a reality.

    The sculptures in progress...
    As you can see, so many parents, grandparents and other family members enjoyed working with the children.
    Gallery 1

    Gallery 2

    Gallery 3

    And the beautiful end results...