• Students are required to come to
    Physical Education class prepared.

    This notice is to inform you of our policy towards proper attire for Physical Education class. Our students have all been reminded of this policy in their classes. We require the following:

    • Proper Athletic Sneakers.
    • Sneakers should cover the entire foot
    • Sneakers should have proper closures.  (For example: velcro, zipper, laces, elastic bands atop the tongue of the sneaker.)
    • Loose comfortable clothing preferably athletic wear.
    • Sweatpants
    • Shorts (weather permitting)
    • Loose cotton (breathable) material.
    We are asking students to NOT wear the following:

    • Denim shorts or pants (does not allow the body to move freely or perspire properly)
    *Dresses, skirts and skorts
    • Sneakers that do not cover the entire foot. (Does not offer support to the entire foot which could lead to injury)
    • Sneakers that do not have a proper closure to ensure the sneaker will not come off. (Does not offer support to the entire foot which could lead to injury) (Example: Slip-ons, Mary Jane style, Heely’s, etc.)
    • Large pieces of jewelry (large earrings or long necklaces)
    • Pants that are too long and go below the child’s feet

    Our Preparedness Policy is as follows:
    • If a child comes to class with sneakers on but not the appropriate clothing, students will be allowed to participate in class. They will be marked unprepared.
    • If a child comes in without sneakers or the proper sneakers, students will NOT be permitted to participate and will be marked unprepared.
    • Three or more unprepared marks will affect the child’s grade on their report card.