• Overview

    Children arrive in elementary school with ears, minds, and hearts full of music from their homes, communities, and the media. Music of diverse styles, genres, and cultures is already woven into the knowledge and experience of students in kindergarten through grade five. During these years, children continue to learn about music through their experience both in school and outside school.

    Children in the early grades are active learners who make music by singing and playing instruments.When young learners listen to music they respond naturally by moving, singing, or playing along.   These developing musicians create their own tunes, rhythms, and songs spontaneously and within contexts arrranged for them. As the young student's cognitive abilities develop, they learn to read notation and use music vocabulary to talk about the music they hear.

    The Seaford Manor Elementary School Music program contributes to the musical growth of children by nurturing their musical interests and abilities, broading their musical horizons, and enriching their knowledge about music.

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  • Melodic Dictation

    Melodic Dictation is a music exercise which enables a student to write into notation short aural musical examples.

    View a completed Melodic Dictation worksheet.

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