Reading Connections

  • Effective Reading 


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    Connect - The most basic and most important strategy to master.  The reader will connect what is read to their own lives and the lives of others; things they have seen, heard or read.  Connections are generally broken into three categories: 

    Text to Self-Relating the story to yourself and things you have experienced.

    Text to Text
    -Relating the story to events you have read about in another story.

    Text to World-Relating what you've read to things you have witnessed happening in the
    world around you such as in a movie, on the news, or a family member's favorite dinnertime story.
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    Predict - To guess what might happen next in the reading.  The guess should make sense based on what has already been read and what you know as a reader
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    Question - To ask yourself questions about the events or characters in the reading.  The questions will help you search for new information and connect to the story.
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    Visualize - To picture the images of the story in your head.  This can be in still frames, "movies", or even just sounds or feelings.  This immediately connects the reader to characters and events.
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    React - To have an emotional response to events while reading.  Something might make you angry, worried, or even laugh.  This helps us understand what the author is trying to say.
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    Infer - One of the toughest to explain, but one of the most important skills we can use as readers.  To infer is to make an informed guess about something that is based on evidence the author provided and your own knowledge and experiences.  It is similar to a prediction, but to keep it simple, predictions should be about things that haven't happened yet.  Inferences are about things that have happened or are happening at the moment that are unstated. Inferences should make sense.