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    SVBC Annual Membership Drive.


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    Welcome to the Seaford Vikings Booster Club! We're a tight-knit community fueled by parents, coaches, proud alumni, and passionate locals. Our mission is clear: backing Seaford's student-athletes as they rock their journey from 7th to 12th grades, across SMS and SHS athletic programs. We're all about hands-on volunteering, event planning, creative fundraisers, and opening doors to a range of scholarships.


    For families wanting to champion our Seaford athletes, we've got several annual memberships. Whether you've got kids shining in those 7th to 12th-grade hallways or you're keeping the Viking spirit alive, there's a place for you here.




    • $30 Family Crew: Got kids ruling the school between 7th to 12th grades? This is your ticket! Join the Family Crew and show some love to our student-athletes.
    • $15 Rising Viking Squad: Your kids might not be in the big leagues yet (aka 7th to 12th grades), but you're already rocking that Viking spirit. Join the Rising Viking Squad to help build up the future of our teams and programs.
    • $10 Alumni Allies: So your champs have graduated, but that doesn't mean the game's over. Become one of our Alumni Allies and keep the green & white fire burning strong! Your support means everything.



    • $25 Coach's Circle Membership (includes Athletic Awards dinner): Calling all coaches, the heartbeat of our teams! This membership not only lets you show your unwavering support for Seaford's student-athletes but also includes an exclusive pass to our star-studded Athletic Awards dinner. Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements on and off the field. Your guidance shapes champions, and we're here to honor that.
    • $10 School Champion Membership for Teachers & Admins:  Teachers and administrators, you shape minds and futures every day. Join our club to extend your support beyond the classroom and into the world of sports. Your membership not only stands behind Seaford's student-athletes but also fosters a strong community bond. Together, we're nurturing excellence both in academics and athletics.
    • $25 School Champion Membership for Teachers & Admins (includes Athletic Awards dinner): Calling all educators and administrators! Your dedication goes beyond the classroom, and we want to celebrate that commitment. With this membership, not only do you bolster Seaford's student-athletes, but you also score an exclusive ticket to our prestigious Athletic Awards dinner. Join us in applauding the achievements that shape our school's legacy, both in academics and on the field. Your influence is invaluable, and we can't wait to honor it.



    • $50 Community Business Membership:  Local businesses, this is your chance to make a difference in our community. By joining as a Business Member, you're showcasing your support for Seaford's student-athletes and contributing to the growth of our athletic programs. Gain visibility among our vibrant network while championing the spirit of teamwork, dedication, and achievement. Your partnership is a vital part of our success story.



    Thank you for being a driving force in our mission. Your support makes all the difference! 


    Become a member today.

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