• Overview:

    The Seaford Technology Department uses an interdisciplinary approach to help students explore the relationship between technology, science, mathematics and society. Our courses are designed to inspire creative thinking about technical content and to design projects with real world implications. Using hands-on activities in our traditional and state of the art technology classrooms, students develop their interests and talents while exploring the vast career opportunities available to them. 

    Middle School:

    Students in 8th grade have the opportunity to explore both classic technology content and robotics in two semester courses.  In Technology Foundations class technology concepts such as drafting, simple machines and energy are covered.  In Robotics, students use Vex Robots to complete different tasks including coding, construction and piloting robots that are built in class.   There is also afterschool opportunities to explore technology concepts further.


    High School:

    The high school program is designed to provide students with a wide variety of opportunities to experience technical content and problem solving using hands-on activities.  Technology course work enables students to focus on their interests and talents while exploring future career choices. Technology courses are an excellent introduction to discovering careers in engineering and architecture.  Refer to the Seaford High School Course Handbook for more details.


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