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    All County Virtual Art Fair


    Department Philosophy:

    Seaford art department’s idea of art education is to encourage and develop a student’s natural need to be expressive. The ability to express through creation is accessible to everyone. Every student can benefit from a creative outlet. Our department philosophy strongly emphasizes active involvement for every student through the full creative process. Along with developing a basic technical understanding of medium and technique, we encourage "student choice". We want to create an atmosphere where students feel comfortable enough to experiment and grow in their understanding of their own creative visual language. This journey will lead to real world skills such as confidence, critical thinking and problem solving.


    Elementary School:

    The visual arts program at the Manor and Harbor Elementary Schools is based on the principles and practices of TAB, Teaching for Artistic Behaviors. A TAB art room is a choice-based, student-centered studio environment where the artists are given the skills, support, materials, space and time to respond to their own interests and ideas through art making. Students are not just taught about art, they are taught how to think and behave like artists and creators. Artists are encouraged to focus on the process of art making rather than just the finished product. 21st Century skills such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving are intrinsically woven into a TAB studio experience. Throughout their elementary art career, student artists explore and experiment with a wide variety of materials and techniques. They are encouraged to envision their art, express their ideas and feelings, engage and persist through problems to develop focus, and observe and reflect on their art making process.


     Middle School:

    The Middle School art courses build on the students' prior experience and knowledge from elementary school by focusing on the "Elements Of Art" and "Principles Of Design." The students learn how to create and discuss art using the vocabulary found within the Visual Arts, along with techniques to prepare the students for high school art courses and beyond.


     High School:

    The High School art program offers a wide variety of electives which ranges from traditional visual arts, using a variety of mediums, to digital contemporary practices. Students are encouraged to develop their individuality through choice and by learning artistic behaviors. These include problem solving, risk taking, reflection, collaboration and communication skills which translate into their lives beyond Seaford High School.



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