• Overview:

    The Seaford Mathematics program is crafted to build upon mathematics skills as students move through the elementary program to the secondary program.  The curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Mathematics Standards (NGMS) which provides a framework for students to grow their mathematics knowledge.   This is accomplished through our commitment to excellent teaching, a standards-based curriculum and a supportive environment for all students.  


    Elementary Program:

    At the Harbor and Manor Schools teachers incorporate the NGMS through the Go Math program from Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt. The Go Math program supports students in building proficiency in understanding mathematical concepts and in building problem-solving strategies in order to prepare them to engage and succeed in higher-level mathematics. Go Math has both online and in-class resources and provides materials for all types of learners, which is utilized during targeted instruction time in the classroom.  Students that require additional support will have access to additional resources in our Math Labs.


    Middle School Program:

    The mathematics program at Seaford Middle School transitions students to higher levels of mathematics study.  In 6th grade students continue their studies utilizing a higher level of Go Math, building upon concepts learned in the elementary grades.  All students then enter the 7th grade program, where teachers have designed curriculum based on the NGMS.  A rubric is used at the end of 7th grade that identifies students that are ready for advancement into Regents Algebra in 8th grade.  Students will be invited during the summer between 7th and 8th grade and those students not invited, or who decline the opportunity, will continue with their middle school studies in mathematics.


    High School Program:

    Mathematics study at the high school level includes all major courses: Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II, which are offered at the Regents and Honors level.  Support classes for the Regents-level courses, which run every other day, are also offered.

    After completion of the Regents sequence of courses, students have the opportunity to further their study of mathematics with pre-calculus coursework as well as several different Advanced Placement courses.  The chart below shows the typical progression of study.


    math chart


    Please reach out to Mr. Tom Lynch, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Technology if you have any questions about the mathematics program in Seaford.

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