It is not our mistakes that define us. It's the lessons we learn that show our true character. ~Cassia Leo

  • In order to retake a test or quiz, you must email Mr. T. and ask for a chance to retake the assignment. You must also have a plan of action to help prepare yourself for the future assignment.

     Within the emaill, let Mr. T. know how you will plan to prepare for the new assignment.


    How are you going to prepare yourself?  

    1. Sentences using spelling/vocabulary words that were incorrectly defined. 

    2. Quizlet. Make a Quizlet of the questions you got wrong.

    3. Flash cards. 

    4. Quizizz. Make a Quizizz of the questions you got wrong. 

    5. Write a 2 paragraphs about a unit we are studying, or have studied, explaining, in your opinion, why we learn about that specific civilization.

    6. Provide a review sheet with correct answers for the questions you got wrong. 

    7. Another suggestion?  Email me and make a suggestion.