Chapter 3 Section 1 Review

    1. What does Mesopotamia mean?
    2. What are the names of the two rivers?
    3. Why were civilizations able to arise in Mesopotamia? What made it so special? (Think about geography)
    4. What was Sumer, how was it governed?
    5. Where were most city states located?
    6. What were ziggurats used for?
    7. What is polytheism?
    8. How did writing begin in Mesopotamia and what did it evolve into?
    9. What is an empire?
    10. Describe how Sargon was as a ruler? What policies did he put in place?
    11. Wht did the Akkadian Empire fall?
    12. How were Mesopotamians able to adapt to their environment? 


    List examples of:

    Cultural innovations-



    Technological inventions-