Electricity and Electronics

  • As we are in the middle of the information age, everybody is in daily contact with a vast majority of electrical devices, from computers to cell phones. A basic understanding of electrical and electronics theory and application will enhance the ability of students to manage new technologies as they emerge. Students will be provided the opportunity to explore the field of electronics and electricity, including what careers are available.


    This class will involve a basic study of how electrons are controlled by components. These components will range from simple switches to integrated circuits. The areas of basic residential wiring, magnetism, electric motors, soldering, basic electronic components, circuit boards, radio theory and others will be investigated during this full-year course. Internet web searches will also be used to enhance the curriculum content. Understanding Electrical Theory becomes an important contributing factor in each assigned student project.


    Through this experience, students will better understand the basics behind every day electronic devices. No prior knowledge of electronics is necessary. This course is a foundations course and can be utilized as part of a five-unit Technology sequence.

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