AIM: How do you effectively utilize print and electronic resources to research your career?


    Use the career books in the Seaford Middle School Library as instructed. 
    AllPsychologyCareers.com   Find information about the various careers relating to psychology.
    Berklee Careers in Music   Explore the many different careers relating to music in this site provided by famous Berklee College of Music.
    Careeronestop.org   Click on the “explore careers” tab. Then type the name of the career you are researching under "occupation profile" to obtain information about it. Select a state to compare geographic areas.  
    Career Puzzle Has a matching game using personality traits. 
    Career Puzzle Flashcards include clues which indicate temperaments a person may utilize in a career. Click on "play this game" to access flashcards.
    Career Zone   Click on a job category or view all careers for lists of different career choices.  Click on career you are interested in for information on the job tasks, skills and knowledge needed, educational programs, wages, and similar jobs.
    Careers Word Search Puzzle have fun locating careers with this word search puzzle. 

    Collegeboard.com   College majors and career categories may be searched various ways. You can then browse specific jobs and learn about job forecasts, working conditions, related professions and what you can do to reach your career goals.
    Cool Careers in Science   Interested in science? Explore the profiles of real life scientists and learn what they do day to day as part of their career.
    Guide to Career Education   Click on the career subjects and explore careers relating to that category.
    Medical Career Guide   Click on the medical career that interests you and learn the nature of this job and the education needed for this job.Job Profiles   This website lists career profiles about many popular jobs.

    Job Star Central   Click on a specific career category and additional sites will come up with information about planning your career.
    Mapping Your Future helps students achieve success for college and beyond. Powered by Money Management International.
    Military Careers  There is an alphabetical list of careers that you can do in the military.  Click on a career for the job description, training, and work environment.

    Occupational Outlook Handbook  Enter the name of the occupation you are researching. This site will give information about the job duties, training and qualifications, job outlook, and earnings.

    O’Net-Online   Search by using the Browse by Job Family section.  Click on the career you are interested in for information on the job duties, skills needed, and wages.
    Princeton Review Online:  Career   Click on Careers. Browse Career Profiles on careers that you are interested in researching. It will give you information on what a typical workday might be, necessary training, and associated careers.
    Riley Career Research Center   Explore the job salaries, growth, and education needed about the career you are researching.
    Role Model Project for Girls 
    Science Buddies has information about science related careers, science fair project ideas and more.
    Top 50 Health Care Jobs  Are you interested in a health care related career? Check out this website which contains information about the top 50 health care jobs.  
    Click on the "Online Databases" link on the Seaford Middle School Library website. See Mrs. Golub for username and password information. Use Ferguson's Career and Guidance Center to search up-to-date profiles about jobs in various industries. In-depth job descriptions, career resources, career preparation information, scholarships, academic programs, non-academic programs, an employability skills checklist and web resources are provided for over two thousand careers. World Book Online may also be helpful online databases to use for this research project.
    Google   Use this search engine to locate information about your chosen career and use the "images" function to search for pictures.
    Sweet Search   This is a good search engine to find information about the career you are researching because it is designed for students with credible websites that have been approved by research experts.