• The following is a list of Science Assignments for this quarter. All assignments are due on or before the last day of the quarter. See Mrs. Zeblisky's Grading Criteria for more detail.

    Please note that all Gizmos and Edpuzzles can be accessed from the student's bookmarked site.

    or from Mrs. Zeblisky's Quick Access tabs on the left:



    1. Safety Contract [Assigned 9/7 - Due 9/7]


    2. The Oreo Dilemma Lab [Assigned 9/12 - Due 9/13]


    3. Triple Beam Balance Lab [Assigned 9/14 - Due 9/15]


    4. Liquid Rainbows Lab [Assigned 9/15 - Due 9/18]


    5. Treasure Hunt Lab [Assigned 9/21 - Due 9/22]