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    What is Literacy Workshop?

         Did you know that independent reading drops significantly during the preteen and early teen years? Sports, clubs, friends and work compete for students' attention, leaving little time for reading. Just as reading tasks get harder, most students read less! How are they going to meet the demands of higher level reading if they don't practice?
         Literacy Workshop is a full-year graded class that all sixth, seventh and eighth graders take. It supports the New York State Standards and gives students an opportunity to practice critical reading, writing, listening, speaking and technology skills. By giving students  the freedom to choose their own books, quiet time to read during class, expert guidance and strategy instruction, and opportunities to discuss what they have read, Seaford Middle School has reversed the trend commonly seen nationwide. Our students are reading, writing and discussing books more than ever. Books are swapped in the hallways, library circulation is up, and students are overheard in the cafeteria talking about their favorite reads.
          Parent support continues to be vital to the success of middle schoolers.The nightly ritual of the bedtime story that reinforced children's skills takes on a new appearance. By encouraging your child(ren) to read silently every night, you are playing an important role in the development of mature, critical readers. By reading titles that your sons and daughters recommend and then discussing the characters and themes, you are enriching their skills and drawing closer to them. Adolescence is a turbulent time, but books can build bridges and open roads.
          Literacy Workshop can be an eye-opening experience for even the most reluctant readers. As they explore new genres, authors and ideas, students learn that reading, writing and discussion can be enjoyable and enlightening.
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