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    May is here and along with the new month, comes warmer weather. Let's enjoy our backyards, but stay safe.

    May 4 & 5: Please read this great short story, "The Strength of Three". Think about the theme, or lesson the writer was trying to teach. After reading have a discussion with family or a friend about the theme.

    the strength of three.pdf

    May 6 & 7: Please answer these questions about "The Strength of Three"  Strength of Three questions

    May 8 & 11: Watch this video, "Partly Cloudy", from Pixar Studios and think about the themes, or lessons the film maker was trying to teach. If you can, watch with a family member or friend and then discuss. Enjoy!

    Partly Cloudy

    May 12 & 13: Please sign in to Teams where you will find your assignments from now on. If you have trouble, please email me. Miss you all!!!!