7th Grade General Music Overview



    Mr. Krueger - dkrueger@seaford.k12.ny.us

                Note: I teach the majority of my day at The Manor School.  Because of this, e-mail is the best way to reach me for any questions, comments or concerns.


    Course Descriptions

    In 7th Grade General Music, we will discover how music has changed western culture from the 1800s to today. We will analyze many musical performances (including Orchestral, Broadway, Opera, and many more) and how they can present emotion and tell stories.  During the year we will discover music that you may know, and many that you wont.  I hope you are looking forward to opening your ears and experiencing new music that you may find out you enjoy!



    Required Supplies

                Your HP Laptop with a charger.  That's it!



    Evaluation and Grade Assignment

                80% Quizzes/Essays/Projects

                20% Participation (Based on your attitude, focus and work ethic during class)