Find the library at your place. Libraries bring people together, even when we have to stay apart. Libraries are always here for you. Learning can happen anytime and anywhere.
    Click on "Curriculum Links" on the heading above. This is also located on the left side navigation bar on the Seaford Middle School Library website. Browse helpful online curriculum links listed alphabetically by subject. Feel free to email Mrs. Golub for more helpful suggestions to include on this page. More will be continually added so check back often!
    Animal Diversity Web is from the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. This is an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification and conservation biology. Students may browse the information on individual creatures from the Kingdom Animalia and locate thousands of pictures on specific animals.
    Catch the Science Bug increases science literacy and raises environmental consciousness by adhering to national standards and guidelines for content, by utilizing different teaching methods for engaging all types of learners, and to encourage life-long learning by featuring scientists who model this behavior.
    CELLS Alive! includes years of capturing film and computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms for education and medical research. The site has been available continuously and updated annually since May of 1994 by Jim Sullivan, and now hosts over four million visitors a year. 
    Cool Math Games is "designed for the pure enjoyment of mathematics." This interactive site features an abundance of fun games, puzzles, calculators and lesson plans.
    Harry Potter at Home from J.K. Rowling "Parents, teachers and carers working to keep children amused and interested while we’re on lockdown might need a bit of magic, so I’m delighted to launch Harry Potter at Home."
    Merriam-Webster Word Games is a great collection of games that gets students thinking and improving their vocabulary. There are crosswords, cryptograms, word searches, jumbles and a plethora of other brainy games.
    NeoK12 is a student friendly collection of videos, arranged by subject, that have been individually reviewed by K-12 teachers. The videos are mostly via YouTube, all the ads have been deleted, and all related videos removed which, for an educator, is a great thing! There are also quizzes, games and puzzles.
    Science Bob is a fun, interactive site that has various areas for kids to choose from. Included are videos, experiments, science fair ideas and a research help link with many great links to other sites.
    Storyline Online "The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s award-winning and Daytime Emmy-nominated children’s literacy website, Storyline Online, streams imaginatively produced videos featuring celebrated actors including Viola Davis, Allison Janney, Chris Pine, Wanda Sykes, Justin Theroux, and Betty White reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations, helping to inspire a love of reading in children. Storyline Online is available 24 hours a day for children, parents, and educators worldwide. For each book, supplemental curriculum developed by a literacy specialist is provided, aiming to strengthen comprehension and verbal and written skills for English-language learners worldwide." Note: This is more elementary leveled, but an excellent website to share with younger children. 

    Toporopa Not able to go on that summer vacation schlepping around Europe right now? No worries. Learn here about all about the geographical, political, historical and economical aspects of this wonderful continent.

    Virtual Piano is a beautifully sounding piano that you play by typing on your keyboard.

    Vocab Ahead is a collection of short videos that give definitions, usage and pictures associated with interesting vocabulary words.




    American Jazz Museum centers on the neighborhood of 18th and Vine in Kansas City, MO, the middle of African American culture during the times of reconstruction and segregation. Walk through the history of jazz in Kansas City with original maps of the area, jazz programs, Bettye Abel’s stunning cloche hat, and even Bill Clinton’s saxophone. This collection also has an immersive 360-degree tour of the museum.


    Google Arts and Culture Take virtual tours of the some of the world's greatest museums and heritage sites. Over 3700 museum views are now offered!


    Google Lit Trips are great for acquiring background knowledge concerning novels. The trips have a variety of modern and diverse titles including Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan and A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. There is also an option to request that a trip be created, which could create a more representative body of titles. Google Lit Trips also provides an opportunity for students to build their own trips in response to readings. They are organized by grade level, and the database within is searchable. The interface is a bit complex for younger students to navigate, so some adult help may be needed.


    The Louvre lets students to navigate the numerous galleries. Click on the magnifying glass and then the question mark, then take a look at anything from Renaissance art to ancient Egyptian artifacts and in addition,  learn about the history of this famous building.


    MARS Google has put together a fantastic interactive 360 degree viewing experience to explore Mars. Check out the opening, and click on the “Learn” markers to find out specifics about our mission to the red planet by the Mars Rover and what mankind has learned.


    National Museum of the Marine Corps "Enter here to enjoy the National Museum of the Marine Corps Virtual Experience! You will be able to visit each gallery, watch unique museum videos, rotate 3D models of artifacts and experience many other innovative features."


    National Museum of the United States Air Force "The virtual tour allows visitors to take a virtual, 360-degree, self-guided tour of the entire museum by navigating from gallery to gallery either by using a drop-down map or by following navigational arrows connecting the individual nodes. Icons indicate hotspots where the visitor can get additional information such as videos, audio and links to online resources."


    National Naval Aviation Museum "Featuring over 100 panoramas, our interactive Virtual Tour allows you to explore the National Naval Aviation Museum from your computer or mobile device, giving you an immersive look at the aircraft and exhibits displayed in honor of the achievements and sacrifices made over a century of Naval Aviation. Further, as part of our panoramic tour we have published a series of cockpit panoramas which enable visitors to sit behind the sights in a number of unique and historic aircraft!"


    The National Parks Foundation gives field trips to several national parks in a various formats. Videos, guided tours, 360 degree videos, 3-D models, and live webcams are all available.

    The Nature Conservancy has free virtual field trips with many landscapes. Tour sites including coastal temperate rainforest, coral reefs, and wind farms in West Virginia. Teacher guides are also provided with graphic organizers, rubrics, and other materials for various grades.


    Slime in Space Virtual Field Trip by Nickelodeon "This free 15-minute virtual field trip takes students 250 miles above the earth to the International Space Station. There, they will learn along with the astronauts as they demonstrate how slime reacts to microgravity compared to how water reacts in the same environment. Our favorite moment might be the astronauts playing ping pong with floating balls of slime!" 


    Virtual Field Trip Apps and Websites "Trips to museums, parks, historical sites, and more show students that learning (and life) happens outside the classroom, too. Thankfully, there are great games, apps, and websites that can bring places and experiences fostered by field trips to the virtual classroom. While not an outright replacement, these field trip tools can offer inspiring and intriguing experiences."
    Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden check out videos of numerous animals from this zoo along with the beautiful botanical gardens. Optional activities included. 
    San Diego Zoo Live Cams watch different animals, including the hippo, platypus, baboon, penguin, polar bear, ape, tiger, elephant, giraffe, burrowing owl, panda, candor and koala. 
    Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute while the zoo is closed, check out the webcams featuring ferrets, cheetahs, rats, lions, pandas, elephants and more! Optional downloadable activity packets are also included. 
    Georgia Aquarium Check out numerous live webcams of jellyfish, sea otters, piranhas, underwater puffins, African penguins and more. 
    National Aquarium "There's nothing like experiencing the National Aquarium firsthand—but our live cams are the next best thing! Tune into our Blacktip Reef, Jellies Invasion and Pacific Coral Reef livestreams and enjoy a piece of the Aquarium from home. Please note our cameras are only live streaming during business hours. After hours please enjoy a previously recorded live stream segment."
    Shedd Aquarium "Need to recharge? Take a break for beauty with our Underwater Beauty live cam! Discover the dreamlike patterns of angelfishes, wrasses, tangs and butterflyfishes."


    A NY State of Mind New York has been hit hard by the current global crisis. In partnership with Governor Cuomo, Headspace wants to be here for you — to help you find some time and space as you weather this storm.

    A Soft Murmur Ambient sounds to wash away distraction and provide relaxation. Rain, thunder, waves, wind, fire, birds, crickets and more.

    Calm Together free soothing meditations, sleep meditations, sleep stories, calm music, calm body, calm masterclass, calm kids, mindfulness resources and practices to find ease. 

    Hopeful Playlist - Listen to Mr. Striffolino's custom playlist of positive and hopeful songs.  

    Six mental health resources for students during the coronavirus pandemic from eschoolnews.com.


    4/6/20 * NEW FOR TEACHERS: SMS Library Resources Handbook via OneNote

    Mrs. Golub  shared out a link via email to all Seaford Middle School teachers. Due to our extended time of online learning, Mrs. Golub has created a special digital library resources teacher handbook on OneNote to further help us with our remote online learning environment. This OneNote Library Resources handbook serves as a digital binder that is easy for teachers use as a ready reference handbook that will summarize many of the updates Mrs. Golub continually shares out. It will remain on OneDrive for each teacher and will be automatically updated with the latest information each time they go into it. This will be a constant work in progress and Mrs. Golub will be making changes continually adding more resources as we will be instructing remotely for much longer than we originally anticipated. If anyone has suggestions and comes upon helpful things to include, please email Mrs. Golub and let her know. 

    Students and teachers please email Mrs. Golub, Library Media Specialist at mgolub@seaford.k12.ny.us for help or any special requests. I miss all seeing all of you in person, but we must be safe and know that I am still here for you via technological means. We WILL get through this!
    Mrs. Golub will be continually adding more curriculum resources to the Seaford Middle School Library web page in addition to collaboratively working with teachers, administrators, parents and students for remote lesson/project ideas. I love suggestions too for more quality learning resources that we can share with each other. Please know that I am very happy to help!
    ONLINE DATABASES ACCESS DIRECTIONS - Click on "Online Databases" on the heading above. This is also located on the left side navigation bar on the Seaford Middle School Library website.
     * HINT: Your username and password is the same one that is used for logging into your individual mobile devices. This applies to both students and faculty.
    Use American Indian History Online, Ancient and Medieval History Online, Bloom's Literature, Britannica School, BrainPOP, CultureGrams, Enchanted Learning, Ferguson's Career Guidance Center, Gale databases with many subject areas of interest, Issues and Controversies, Issues and Controversies in American History, SIRS Issues Researcher, TeachingBooks.net, The World Almanac Online and World Book Online. Descriptions of these databases are included after logging into this password protected page.
    Follow us on Twitter by clicking this link: SMS LIBRARY@golub_michelle
    For lists of resources, please click on the heading above. These websites are given as "options and sources for ideas and inspiration only. These lists are also not exhaustive; there are many quality resources and learning activities available online."
    Learning at Home Online Access to Free Subscriptions Due to School Closings
    ABC Database Suite from World Trade Press Free access granted until 09/2020.

    Directions: Click on link above for direct access. Next, click on orange “view brochure” to learn about each database individually and for direct access, click on the green “view product” once on the page to the right of each listed database for access. There is a wealth of great information that many of you can use for your subject areas.  

    Here is a description of each database included from World Trade Press as worded exactly from them: 
    ABC World Culture is the world’s most comprehensive collection of country culture articles for 175 countries. Topics include greetings and courtesies, gift giving, education, famous people, holidays, superstitions and folklore, history, media, women in culture, national cuisine, recipes, sports, stereotypes, maps, flags, religion, and more. 

    ABC World Food is the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of food and food culture for 174 countries. This proprietary database includes 884 food culture articles, 6500 traditional recipes, 545 ingredient articles, historical timelines, glossaries, and 2,000 food quotes. Lavishly illustrated with 14,000 photos. 

    ABC Food America provides 7,000 recipes, 650 ingredient articles, vintage food labels and ads, historical what did they eat articles, how to make food videos, and more. ABC Food America is the world's largest database of American food, culture, and recipes. It features content and information found nowhere else combined with beautiful graphics and illustrations. 

    ABC the USA is a large-scale encyclopedia of US state and country information. State information is arranged into 103 editorial and image datasets for each state. Topics include history, geography, demographics, education, food and recipes, government, crime, maps, media outlets, symbols, sports, and more. 

    ABC Maps Online is a collection of 75,000 royalty-free maps that students and teachers can download and print. Map types include world, country, state, political, physical, outline, environmental, scientific, and antique maps. Also included are visual glossaries, geography games, extensive flag images, and teaching tools. 

    ABC Lingo LITE - Learn basic vocabulary in 30 languages from native speakers. Each vocabulary entry includes a color photo, a native speaker video, and the word or term in the local language and your native language. Users can change the interface language (also 30 languages) at the click of a button. 

    Amazing Educational Resources This website offers an extremely extensive list of educational companies with links and descriptions in many curriculum areas offering free subscriptions due to school closings for online learning. This is constantly being updated so check back often to individually select what may be of help and interest.
    Information and Free Resources for schools and public libraries impacted by COVID-19 from EBSCO. 
    Kids Activities List of educational companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings. 
    Learning Keeps Going an extensive resource directory for online instruction. 
    Educational Documentaries - Netflix features "a selection of our documentary features and series available on our YouTube channel. If you are a parent or teacher, please check the ratings so that you can make informed choices for your students and children." NOW FREE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - Netflix has opened up access to select educational resources. Click on this link to view choices.