• This year in Art we have been learning about Artistic Behaviors (TAB) and using the Studio Habits of Mind.  We can use these skills anywhere, even at home! :) 

    Below are some Artistic Behaviors and The Studio Habits of Mind.  

    Remember the 3 main ideas of TAB.

    1. You are an artist

    2. This your studio

    3. What do artists do?


    Choose ONE Artistic Behavior or Studio Habit of Mind per week to create a potential WOW (Wonderful, Original, Work of art) piece with materials found at home. 

    ** Get adult permission to use any art materials before you begin.



    Artists experiment: With any art materials you have at home, can you experiment with different materials that you can use to create a WOW piece?

    Artists observe: Choose 3 of your favorite toys or things and draw them or draw a still life. (Challenge: Objects can overlap, show shadows/shading, add a background)

    Artists explore a theme: Choose a theme and create a drawing, painting, collage or sculpture using materials you can find at home. (Example: Farm, the beach, under the sea, sports, shapes)

    Artists use nontraditional materials: Can you use found materials around your house to create something new? (Empty water bottles, water bottle caps, paper towel rolls, newspaper, magazines)

    Artists document/record: Can you create 3 drawings of the same person/place/thing at different times of day?

    Artists tell stories: Can you create an artwork using materials of your choice that will tell a story? (imaginary, personal experience, vacations, cartoons, etc

    March Drawing challenge:  Choose any 3 drawing challenges and complete them using a drawing material of your choice. March Drawing Challenge



    Express: I can create a work of art that conveys an idea, a feeling or a meaning. (Draw a picture of something you are passionate about, special people in your life, etc...

    Reflect: I can create an art work, write about the process of my work and how I made it. (Artist statement)

    Engage and Persist: I can learn to embrace problems of importance & develop focus within my work.

    Envision: I can come up with my own ideas for my artwork. I can learn to mentally picture the next steps in my work.

    Observe: I can learn to look more closely & see things that may otherwise not be seen. (Draw a small object on a large scale to use the entire paper)

    Stretch and explore: I can learn to reach beyond my capacity and embrace the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. (Complete 2 mini sketches or thumbnail drawings of an idea before beginning WOW piece)

    Understanding Art Worlds:  I can learn/read about a new artist and write 3 facts about them, draw a picture (portrait) of this artist, draw an example of their work, or create my own work inspired by this artist.

    *Studio habits of mind. The Art of Education University.


    Project Planning Page      

    Idea Bank  

    Feel free to share your new masterpieces with me by sending a picture of your artwork to jlasota@seaford.k12.ny.us, bring your work in when we return to school, or make a flipgrid (see link below).  😊  

    Would you like to share your artwork? Use --> https://flipgrid.com/lasotamanorart  Password: Manorart   QR Code for Flipgrid

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