• Have you seen all the connections to Human Geography? 


    • Here is an interesting article on Coronavirus and the European Union. Flashback to Unit 4 Political Geography

    "The pillars that were meant to hold up the E.U.—the free movement of goods and people—crumpled, as borders went back up and panicked governments stockpiled medical supplies with little regard for their neighbors."


    • If you are watching the news and following COVID-19, you may be hearing from a lot of Epidemiologists: scientists who study diseases within populations of people. 
      • Epidemiology: branch of medical science concerned with incidence, distribution, and control of diseases that affect large numbers of people.


    Flashback to Unit 2: Population and Migration

    The Epidemiological Transition: Medical researchers have identified an epidemiologic transition that focuses on distinctive causes of death in each stage of the demographic model.


    Epidemiologic Transition Possibly Stage 5

    Some medical analysts argue that the world is moving into stage 5 of the epidemiologic transition, the stage of reemergence of infectious and parasitic diseases. Infectious diseases thought to have been eradicated or controlled have returned, and new ones have emerged. Others dismiss recent trends as temporary setbacks in a long process.

     Reasons to explain the possible emergence of a stage 5 in the epidemiologic transition: 

    • improved travel (look how fast it's spreading around the world)
    • human practices that facilitate new strains (China's markets, new agricultural industries)