•                                                                           GRADING CRITERIA


    The grade for this course will be based on the student’s overall performance of the target language through the four skills of language learning (speaking, listening, reading, writing).


    The following elements and relative weight of each element are considered in determining the scholarship grade:


    1. Overall Performance –          10%
    2. Homework –                          10%
    3. Projects –                              10%
    4. Unit Tests –                           20%
    5. Quizzes -                               50%


    1. Overall Performance: Students are expected to participate daily in all class activities using the target language. The quality and amount of their participation is evaluated.


    1. Homework: Homework is given regularly and is an important part of the course. It may be in the form of written assignments, oral presentations, and/or conversations, and serves to reinforce curriculum. Completion as well as quality of homework is evaluated.


    1. Projects: Students will do projects or presentations related to the target culture. Their work will be evaluated and graded based on completion and quality.


    1. Unit Tests: Unit tests are given after a particular topic and related elements are covered. All four skills are assessed. There is at least (but not limited to) 1 Unit test per quarter.


    1. Quizzes: Quizzes are given regularly and assess a specific element or related elements to the curriculum. They may assess speaking, listening, reading and/or writing skills.