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    2019 - 2020
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    "Providing over 30 Years of Professional Development to our Staff!"

     Policy Board Meeting Dates: October 17, January 16, March 19, April 23, May 23 and June 4

    TRACT is committed to providing empowering and enlightening professional development for educators! 

    NYS Education Department has continued to support funding for teacher center professional development based on the local needs of students, teachers, school districts, and NYS initiatives and focus areas.

    Additional resources and information are available at NYSteachercenters.org.

    Teachers MUST register through TRACT and MLP for credit. Seaford teachers may request approval to link two 15 hour courses for 3 in-service credits via mylearningplan prior to the start date of both classes. If a course does not have a minimum of 8 participants, the course may be cancelled. Participants must register with TRACT through the link located in the catalog.There is no fee for TRACT in-service courses, unless otherwise noted. Participants must attend all dates to receive a certificate of completion.  If one absence is necessary, the participant will complete an alternative assignment,  approved by the instructor, before a certificate is issued.  A certificate will not be issued, if a participant has missed more than one class. Thank you for your continued support of NYS teacher centers! We look forward to your continued participation in the professional development opportunities TRACT offers.

    Teach a course for the TRACT Center 2019-2020!

    TRACT is now accepting proposals for next year. Instructors receive $60/hr payment.

    Send the following information to TRACT:

    Instructor Name

    Course  Title

    Description - a short  "blurb"  describing course & impact on instruction and student learning

    Dates - TRACT is  accepting proposals for late fall, winter and spring classes 

    Time  - Generally courses run once a week for 3 hours (4:00-7:00 pm), but instructors have the option to chose the times and dates classes will be held. All courses must be 15 hours

    Location - Room and building Program 


    Courses must relate to a Focus Area below for the 2019 - 2020 School Year: 

     FOCUS AREAS 1-4 

    Professional learning to enhance and deepen teacher content knowledge aligned with the NYS P-12 Learning Standards ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science 


    Professional learning and/or support for integrating technology into curriculum and instruction aligned to the NYS P-12 Learning Standards  

    FOCUS AREA 8  

    Professional learning and/or support for enhancing educators’ strategies and skills in meeting the needs of diverse learners: those who learn differently from the majority and/or are racially, ethnically, culturally, economically or linguistically diverse.   

    FOCUS AREA 14  

    Collaborations with Institutions of Higher Education to build, support and enhance teacher pre-service and in-service experience.


    Contact Stacey Ranzie if you have any questions.

    Stacey Ranzie and Eric vonBargen, Co-Directors


    Seaford TRACT Center
    Seaford Middle School
    3940 Sunset Avenue
    Seaford, NY 11783

    Phone (516) 592-4222
    Fax (516) 592-4201  
    Wantagh TRACT Center & Office
    Wantagh Middle School
    3299 Beltagh Avenue
    Wantagh, NY 11793

    Phone (516) 679-6404
    Fax (516) 679-6385


    Districts & Parochial Schools Served:

    Seaford School District

    Wantagh School District

    St. William the Abbot 

    Maplewood School